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Skate 4 Is Probably Happening


EA's Senior Manager all but confirms it

After years of constant pestering from the skateboarding community, it looks like EA has finally caved in. Skate 4 is coming. 

EA's Senior Manager for Community Engagement, Daniel Lingen, this morning tweeted "#skate4". Nothing more, nothing less – and as of right now it's the only information we've got. Thankfully, it seems highly unlikely that the man responsible for keeping the community engaged and satisfied would troll that same desperate community with a horribly misleading tweet. And let's face it, skaters are desperate for Skate 4 – if he did this as a cruel joke, the backlash would be inconceivable.  

It comes among rumours that EA had finally begun development on Skate 4 following the end of Tony Hawk's deal with Activision, which ceased in 2016, giving EA the opportunity to gain a myriad of naming and personal rights previously held by the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise. 

So what can we expect in Skate 4? We covered some potential ideas a little while ago, which you can read here. Let us know which direction you think the game should take!

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