Shane O’Neill Wins the SLS Super Crown World Championship


Aussie Shane brings it home in Los Angeles

When Shane O'Neill is firing on all cylinders, he's unbeatable. That much was proven yesterday in Los Angeles, as Australia's most acclaimed competitive skateboarder stomped his way to a first-ever SLS Super Crown title, officially becoming world champion in the process. Not bad for a lazy Sunday's work. 


Shane's final trick illustrates his otherworldly dominance in the event – a championship-sealing nollie 360 flip front board down the handrail, landed flawlessly first try, scoring him a 9.4 and confirming his $150,000 payday. It was enough to set him apart from Nyjah Huston and Cody McEntire, who finished second and third respectively, and each pushed Shane to the limit until the final Best Trick category. 


While Shane finished with a bang, it was by no means an easy win. Super Crown rookie Chris Joslin was the man to beat early on, as he sealed a combined 18.2 with back-to-back 9-point lines in the opening Run section of the event, making history in the process. Shane's 17.2 placed him nicely behind Joslin heading into his favoured Best Trick section, with Nyjah and McEntire waiting in the wings. 


It was Shane who immediately broke ahead, though, setting himself apart with consecutive 9 scores on his opening two tricks – a switch 360 flip lipslide down the handrail, followed by a perfect switch flip frontside boardslide on the same obstacle. Joslin bailed his first three Best Trick attempts, significantly falling down the leaderboard as a result, before finally nailing an epic ollie-to-fakie between quarter-pipe walls for an event-high score of 9.5. 

Joslin's late drive was all in vain, though, as Luan Oliveira, Paul Rodriguez and Tom Asta each joined the 9 Club to break away from the rookie contender. Nyjah remained in contention almost until the end, rattling off a gap noseblunt on the gap rail, followed by a 9.3 kickflip front board on the big rail, to find himself placed just behind Shane with a final attempt remaining.

When Nyjah bailed that final attempt, Shane delivered the killer blow – nailing that incredible nollie tre front board to cement top place. That left Chris Joslin with an 8.8 required to overtake Shane off his final attempt. He bailed a monstrous frontside flip attempt, though, leaving Shane to become the first Australian to be named SLS World Champion in the process. Congrats, mate!


1st: Shane O'Neill (AUS) – 36.4
2nd: Nyjah Huston (USA) – 34.6
3rd: Cody McEntire (USA) – 34.4
4th: Luan Oliveira (BRA) – 33.5
5th: Paul Rodriguez (USA) – 31.9
6th: Tom Asta (USA) – 31.4
7th: Chris Joslin (USA) – 27.7
8th: Ryan Decenzo (CAN) – 19.1

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