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Sydney’s New Street Plaza


Technology Park, South Eveleigh

If you're keeping a keen eye on things, you'll no doubt be aware of the new South Eveleigh Skatepark in Sydney's south. More affectionately known as Tech Park – thanks to its location at the revamped Australian Technology Park – the space was officially completed in early May to great excitement and fanfare within the local scene. 

The facility was designed and built by the experienced heads at Convic, and represents an extension of the company's recent push into plaza-style, street-centric spaces which blend with the environment and other active spaces (in this case, the plaza shares its space with a small exercise area). It's an end-to-end style park, and it flows surprisingly well despite some early doubts when the park's design was first revealed. 

While it's primarily a street-focused park, littered with all kinds of interesting and unique street objects, the space also features a bunch of transition banks and quarters made out of what might best be described as 'faux-brick'. Some online commenters have had reservations over the 'brick' ramps, but although it definitely looks like brick, it feels more like a regular concrete ramp with a little added texture. It's by no means too rough. 

We could go into all kinds of descriptive details about the park, but it's one of those better explained through visuals. There's nothing standard about this place, and we recently hit the park with equally non-standard pro skater Andy Anderson for a fitting test drive. If anyone puts these unique features to work, it's Andy.  


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Address: 39B Henderson Rd, Eveleigh NSW 2015. Located at Australian Technology Park. 
Directions: The closest train station is Redfern, and the park is a short hill-bomb from there. Super easy. 
Suited for: Intermediate-to-experienced street skaters will find this park the most fun. 
Lights: Yes. Originally lit until 11pm, we're hearing they've now been turning off around 6pm. Not sure what's up. 
Avoid the crowds: The park is compact, and crowds can be problematic. We recommend hitting it on a weekday. 
Bonus tip: Bring wax for the slappy curbs!

Photos courtesy of Convic Skateparks

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