Real Skateboards Sydney Demo


Superstars at Sydenham Skatepark

It's been a while since Australia was treated to a demo of this magnitude: two Thrasher SOTYs, a Slam SOTY, and a frontrunner for this year's highest accolade, all together at once. That's exactly what transpired when Real Skateboards sent three of its biggest stars Down Under, with Zion Wright, Ishod Wair and Kyle Walker joining Chima Ferguson on Aussie shores. 

Sydney's freshly-poured Sydenham Skatepark made for an ideal venue, and the team put on a display to remember – even as Kyle Walker watched from the sidelines with an unfortunate injury. The turnout was unbelievable, the weather held up, and Australian skateboarding got a well-deserved shot in the arm. Who said the demo days were over?

We must give a huge shout-out to the legends at Project Distribution for putting on the demo. Thanks, fellas!

Enjoy the video above alongside a photo recap below. 

Film/Edit: Tom Hackett
Photos: Jock Morrissey


Ishod was breezing through the park. Backside 180 to switch crooks, perfectly pinched.

He's not a SOTY yet, but young Zion was showing why he will be. Power and finesse all day. 

Frontside shove-its into frontside grinds aren't easy...

...But Chima handles it with style.

Ishod made skateboarding look stupidly easy, as usual. 

It's easy to forget that Zion is a Park Series champion, too. He can do it all. Crowd-pleasing NBD transfer. 

Four seriously sacred autographs right there. These guys are true professionals. Thanks for stopping by!

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