Kelvin Hoefler Claims SLS Super Crown World Championship


SLS rookie wins World Championship

Above video: Kelvin Hoefler watches Nyjah's final trick and claims SLS Super Crown

Nyjah Huston's miserable Street League season continued at the SLS Super Crown over the weekend, as Brazil's Kelvin Hoefler claimed his first ever Street League win to take home the World Championship title in his rookie season. 

The incredible feat saw Kelvin narrowly escape with the crown, after Nyjah's sketchy landing on his final trick -- a nollie heelflip backside lipslide down the big rail -- earned him an 8.2, a measely 0.6 short of a winning score. 

Video: Hoefler lands a hige frontside flip to take the Super Crown lead in Chicago

No rookie had ever previously won a Street League event, let alone the World Championship event. He only qualified for the SLS tour after scraping a third place finish at the Tampa Pro qualifying event earlier in the year, but certainly made the most of a somewhat unlikely appearance on skateboarding's biggest contest stage. 

Nyjah's 9.3 kept things interesting until the end

Luan Oliveira was the only other serious contender at the final stage, as the likes of Chris Cole, Shane O'Neill and Chaz Ortiz all bailed when it mattered most. Luan was left needing a 9.5 to take first place on his final trick, but he too was unable to land his attempt. 

Video: Hoefler claims back-to-back 9 Club tricks

It was Hoefler's back-to-back 9.1 and 9.4 tricks that ultimately sealed the deal. Those defining tricks were a half-cab backside overcrooks to fakie and a cab backside tailslide to fakie on the big rail, two tricks that he had tried and failed at previous SLS events. He nailed them both first try when it mattered most. 

"I'm so pissed" -- Nyjah Huston

Nyjah's narrow defeat meant that the all-time leading SLS winner, who last year won every single event, went home without a single win on this year's tour. "I'm so pissed at myself", he exclaimed at the post-match interview. It seems the world of skateboarding is generally pretty pleased.  


2. NYJAH HUSTON – 35.7
4. CHAZ ORTIZ – 33.3
5. SHANE O’NEILL – 32.5
6. CHRIS COLE – 31.1

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