Luan Claims New Jersey


Oliveira's second consecutive SLS win

It's official — Nyjah Huston's Street League stranglehold has come to an end. 

Luan Oliveira was in blistering form again in New Jersey, racking up a number of impressive lines and tricks on his way to a second straight contest victory. With 2 wins to Oliveira and only 2 stops remaining, it marks the first time in Street League history that Nyjah Huston will not win the outright majority of SLS contests in a season — although he can still tie with Oliveira. 

Luan shot out of the blocks with an impressive and diverse 9.1 run, featuring a number of technical tricks at high speed, something that judges have favoured this season. 

Nyjah remained hot on his tail with an impressive 8.6 run himself, but Luan again proved to be one step ahead throughout the event. Oliveira ultimately sealed victory with a 360 flip noseslide bigspin, which earned him a 9.5, enough to see off the likes of Kevin Hoefler, Ryan Decenzo and Chaz Ortiz, and which left Nyjah requiring a 9.6 from his final trick of the contest to have any hope of victory. 

Nyjah obviously went for the win, hucking himself at a backside flip 180 nosegrind (or a backside flip switch 5-0, depending what you prefer to call it). It wasn't to be, as he crashed heavily to the ground and left Luan with his second victory of the season and a handy $100k cheque to his name. 

What do you think? Did Luan's treflip noseslide bigspin deserve a 9.5? Was Nyjah dudded? Let us know your thoughts below — or in the forum thread, if you'd prefer. 

Final Results:

1. Luan Oliveira
2. Nyjah Huston
3. Kelvin Hoefler
4. Ryan Decenzo
5. Chaz Ortiz
6. Matt Berger
7. Shane O’Neill
8. Paul Rodriguez

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