Groms Gone Wild - Ep 2 (2018)


Finishing the year in style

For our final release of the year, we are proud to present GROMS GONE WILD episode 2 (2018) featuring a bunch of pint-sized shredders doing what they love.

"Groms Gone Wild has made it through another season at our favourite playground, Perisher Parks (sometimes beyond). I say it every time, but I'll say it again: Groms know how to have fun! I don't know if it's because they haven't yet been influenced by the "adult world" (big kids still figuring it out day-by-day) or if it just comes more naturally to them. Either way, it's an inspiration to watch these legends do what they do at such a young age.

As always, thanks a million to the riders for throwing down and letting me join in the fun. It's been a pleasure.

To all the parents that put in the effort to see their kids live out their dreams: They'll thank you one day."

— Jakob Kennedy (Phootstep Films)

Riders: Joshua Robertson-Hahn, Kai Rennie, Jesse Parkinson, Valentino Guseli, Lilly Steele, and Sunny Steele.

Film/Edit: Phootstep Films

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