Groms Gone Wild - Ep 2 (2017)


GGW season-ender at Perisher

Last season we were stoked to film with a handful of groms at the top of their game. This season the number of groms riding at a competitive level has doubled. Not only are we just seeing more talented shredders, but these youngsters continue to progress and support one another along the way. Most of these groms are just 12 years old, and they're putting together video parts most would aspire to. We are proud to present the future of Australian snowboarding. This is GROMS GONE WILD.

Riders: Joshua Robertson Hahn, Jesse Parkinson, Valentino Guseli, Sunny Steele, Kia Rennie, Max Chen, Vinson Chen, and Zahra Kell.

Film/Edit: Jakob Kennedy // Phootstep Films

Confessions (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) by Myrne, @Monstercat
Moving Hectic (feat. Harry Shotta) by Slips & Slurs, @Monstercat

The future of Australian snowboarding

Vincent Chen, Max Chen, and Joshua Robertson Hahn. Photo: Phootstep Films

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