Corp. Est. - Episode 3 (2019)

The boys finish with a bang

The all-Aussie crew that makes up Corp. Est. are back at it with their third and final hoorah of the 2019 season. We've seen an eventful three-part series so far; from ripping in the Australian Backcountry to lapping Perisher’s parks, the boys have really put Australian snowboarding on a pedestal. 

In classic Corp. Est. style, episode three concludes with a seven-minute barrage of full-throttle, action-packed riding in Perisher's infamous Front Valley park. Packed with thrills, spills and everything in between, our final installment is a joy to behold. Snowboarding by Jesse Kennedy, Jakob Kennedy, Sunny Steele, and Angus Waddington.

Filmed and edited by Phootstep Films / Jakob Kennedy. Additional filming by Tom Hackett and Jesse Kennedy.

From Jakob Kennedy / Phootstep Films:

"I start every Aussie winter with a renewed excitement for the stories we’ll create over the next four or so months. That excitement and energy is why I enjoy capturing those moments on film, and once again it’s left me with a full tank of cherished memories and lessons alike.

Sunny Steele has been a big part of my winter once again and I'd like to commend him on maintaining his attitude of 'nothing but love' for snowboarding while a world of political turmoil exploded around him. If a kid has any dream of representing their country, especially in an Olympic arena, the expectations put on them are treacherous to say the least. For Sunny to manage those expectations and still rock up day-to-day with a fun first attitude is remarkable. On ya mate.

The other big mention obviously goes to my little bro Jesse Kennedy. This year I saw Jesse switch off a lot of that 'pressure' and just enjoy each day as it came. Throwing cameras to each other mid 360 or trying to hi-five upside down during an underflip – these are the type of moments we’ll always remember. Maybe it's because I’m his big bro and want to watch and help him achieve the highs I know he can achieve. Maybe it's because we've spent so much time together that we both know how much has gone into making those little moments what they are. Whatever it is, riding around with my bro is still to this day one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done."


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