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12 Great Gifts Under $50


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Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings 

Bones Super Reds have always been one of the best value-for-money products in the skateboarding world. Bones Bearings made their way in the bearing game with the success of the Reds, and the Super Reds are anything but a slight upgrade. Compared to the Reds, these are a superior quality bearing, using higher quality steel races, better quality and grade balls, and a superior surface finish. If you're looking for a top-of-the-line bearing for a fraction of the price, the Bones Super Reds are the bearings for you.


Spitfire Cheapshots Wheels

The name and price of the Spitfire Cheapshots Wheels might lead some to believe that these are a sub-standard incarnation of Spitfire's renowned line of urethane, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, some skaters prefer the Cheapshots to any other wheel on Earth, especially if the parks are your prime skate destination. Spitfire set out to design something that was smooth and fast -- something simple, not too fancy, and therefore inexpensive without substituting Spitfire's renowned quality. The Cheapshots will deliver on all fronts, guaranteed.


Death Lens Fisheye for iPhone

The Death Lens for iPhone is a must-have piece of kit for the modern skateboarder. With the rise of apps like Instagram, you'd be a fool not to utilise the filming capabilities of your phone, and the Death Lens fisheye is the best way to take advantage of your pocket camera. Designed to mimic the classic Sony VX1000 camera and MK1 lens setup, this product will blow you away with its realistic recreation of the iconic duo. When you add the Death Lens app, you end up with a range of settings and customisation options that put the iPhone on par with almost any camera in the game. Also available for the Samsung S5. And all for under $50.

Looking for more info? This in-depth review of the Death Lens Fisheye covers all bases.


Audio-Technica Ath-Sport1IS Headphones

These waterproof sports headphones from Audio-Technica might seem like an unlikely addition to a skateboarder's arsenal, but when it comes to headphones which are perfect for use while you skate, look no further than the Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT1iS. Comfortable, easily fitted and packing high-quality audio, these will keep pumping tunes whether you're simply cruising a bowl or throwing yourself down a handrail. They also happen to be waterproof and washable. If you're looking for headphones with top-quality sound that will never fall out while you skate, these headphones have you covered. 

If you're looking for more info, feel free to check out this product review of the ATH-SPORT1iS headphones. 


Altamont Murky Water T-Shirt

Altamont are well-known for delivering some of the most comfortable threads in skateboarding, so you know you're always getting a top quality product.
The Altamont Murky Water Tee features a rad tie-dye design and comes personally approved by Andrew Reynolds himself, so you can guarantee it'll be a popular choice that's perfect for casual wear or for wearing while you shred. A design like this one, from a clothing company as reputable as Altamont, is a steal at under $50. Of course we have a full range of other t-shirts to browse as well.


Remind Chico Brenes Cush Insoles

As the average skate shoe becomes thinner and thinner, the demand for a high-quality insole is becoming greater and greater. Remind Insoles are in charge of the highest quality insoles in the world of skateboarding, with the likes of Chico Brenes, Boo Johnson, Zack Wallin, Nick Tucker and the McClung brothers all repping the insoles on a daily basis. Whether you're hucking yourself off huge drops, charging handrails, or just skating flatground, the Remind Cush Insoles keep your feet comfortable and steer you clear of heel bruises and impact pain, without compromising board feel in any way. At under $50, this is an investment your feet will thank you for. 

Need more info? This review covers the Remind Insole in-depth.


Le Bent Snowboard Socks

After years of testing virtually every snowboard sock on the market, we can safely say the Le Bent Snowboard Sock is one of the best you'll ever use. Le Bent's premium blend of bamboo and merino wool makes this sock incredibly comfortable, warm, breathable, durable, and stink-free. One day in these socks and there's no turning back.


Blackstrap Hood Balaclava

Equally useful in furious winter storms or under the brutal Australian sun, the Blackstrap Hood Balaclava will protect your neck and face regardless of what conditions the mountain throws at you. Lens-safe, 55+ UV rated, water resistant, double-layer protection, and a seamless fit under helmets — this balaclava will keep you warm and protected — that's our guarantee. They come in a variety of colours and patterns to match any outerwear setup.


Modest. Wren Polarised Sunglasses

Homegrown eyewear brand Modest has been killing it on the Australian snowboarding scene (watch: Modest Minute). This crew is in it for the love of the game, and Modest has become a legit platform to support Australian riders. Modest recently released their new range of shades. Clean, classic style, and a quality build. Staying true to their modest name, everything they sell is great value for money. The Wren offers a high quality polarised lens for under $50. 


MyPakage Underwear

As soon as you try MyPakage Underwear you'll know exactly what all the hype is about. Born in Vancouver, Canada, MyPakage has become one of the most sought-after underpants on the planet, and with good reason. "KeyHole Comfort Technology" creates a three-dimensional pouch that supports and cradles your package, allowing for absolute freedom and eliminating the need for any shifting or adjusting. Combined with the incredibly soft, comfortable, and breathable 95% Modal and 5% Spandex fabric, these underpants are quite simply the best you'll ever use. Perfect for snowboarding, skateboarding, or any time comfort and performance is a priority.


Faded Bamboo Underwear

Bamboo is one hell of a fabric, and its list of benefits are extensive. We'll cut straight to the chase; Faded Bamboo Underwear is super soft, comfortable, breathable, durable, anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. Purpose-built for snowboarding, travelling, and other high intensity activity. Faded is the brainchild of Olympic snowboarder Charles Reid and a tight group of friends. These underpants are less that $30 a pop, giving you great value for money. Sold exclusively in Australia by Boardworld.


ThirtyTwo "2032" DVD

ThirtyTwo's first-ever full-length team movie is an absolute ripper! Featuring one of the most stacked teams in the snowboarding world, this movie is sure to be played over and over again. The "2032" DVD comes in at $34.95 and is also available in a "2032" limited edition Blu-ray version with 48-page booklet.


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