REVIEW: Remind Cush Insoles


As most skateboarders would know, landing awkwardly can result in some pretty uncomfortable pain, especially to your feet. When you’re attempting the same trick over and over, whether it be down two stairs or twenty, your feet start to disagree with what you’re doing, and most skate shoes these days are designed in ways that don’t protect your feet as much as they once did.

I was getting pretty sick of it, so I bit the bullet and picked up some Remind Cush Insoles from the store. I don’t think I’ll be letting go of them any time soon.

If you’re unfamiliar with insoles designed for skating, basically they replace the regular soles of your shoes and generally have more support and reinforcement around the heel area so that your feet wear down less easily when trying tricks. I hadn’t used them much, but the ones I had used were usually super bulky, super thick and quite uncomfortable.

The Remind Insoles were a little different however. They reinforce the heel, but are super flexible toward the front end, letting your toes sit comfortably. As any skater would know, you really want to feel the board underneath you, especially for flip tricks. With some other insoles this just isn’t the case. With the Remind Insoles, you can feel the front of your foot on the board as normal, which is extremely helpful for the majority of flip tricks. Furthermore, they actually provide a level of added comfort to your toes, so super “toey” tricks like hardflips actually feel a lot nicer. It’s something that I found particularly pleasing about these insoles.

As far as skating goes, I’m not one to jump off buildings or hit giant rails or anything like that. That’s what my friends do. But even with my modest ability I found the insoles to be genuinely comfortable and helpful. They reinforce your feet in a way that your tricks feel better. When I’m bailing tricks (which happens a lot) and landing on my feet, it doesn’t hurt. I can do it over and over and it’s fine. This, to me, is what separates these insoles from the one’s I’ve used before. Pure comfort.

I used them in two sets of shoes - some older Vans Half-Cabs and some brand new Nike Janoskis (two very different types of shoe) and the insoles worked a charm in each. They fit nicely into my brand new Nikes, which I didn’t really expect, considering they hadn’t been worn in at all.

Just to be sure of their quality, I let my friend Jamey jump down a decent sized rail with them on. The results were good, so I can comfortably say that the Remind Cush Insoles are a genuinely comfortable and reinforcing insole for skateboarders of many types. If you’re after pure comfort, go with these. Your feet will thank you.

You can check out the Remind Cush Insoles in the shop here.



Great review, walker. Thanks for putting it together. I purchased the Travis Rice Remedy model after I watched his testimonial video (below if anyone is interested). It’s worth mentioning that Remind Insoles have models to cater to both skateboarders and snowboarders.


Hey Walker that is a top review, especially the photos showing the necessary profiles. It definitely makes me want to invest in a set now.


Hey guys!
I was sent a pair of the cush remind insoles to try out!
I agree though, most skate shoes these days dont seem to be made with foot protection in mind, but as soon as i put the reminds in, that fear of primo and crooked heel landings faded.
they were surprisingly comfortable when jumping down stairs too!

I even went and put them in my big dirty steel capped work boots and finally worked in comfort, no more sore feet at the end of the day!
so if its either in my work boots or skate shoes, im definitely happy i own a pair. great review mate!


I remember the old E’s accel had some of the most amazing insoles, slight arch support and heel padding. Skate shoes are finally make the come back too having padding and looking good.
No more Osiris D3 shoes for padding, the game has changed.


Bout to get some as my feet/arches have been aching so bad after the past two weeks of skating. I dont huck myself down shit. Skate mostly flat ground, ledges and park and tranny.

Just cant work out whether to get the Medic or the Cush models.
Any food for thought?


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