Powell-Peralta Anderson Heron 9.13” Skateboard Deck

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“There are so many within the skateboarding world who look at skating as a religion which must be practiced to exacting and specific standards; you must conform and ride this type of terrain, you must conform and do these types of tricks, you must not mix this style with that style, you must look this way or else etc. And then once in a while a skater like Andy comes along who doesn’t fit into this fanatical mold, a skater who is such an outsider himself that he doesn’t even fit into skateboarding. He doesn’t fit in because he’s not following it’s false mandates. What Andy is doing is living the creed of what a skateboarder is supposed to be. He’s not conforming nor is he looking for acceptance from conforming, and with that he’s accepting the grief and exclusion that comes with being a true outsider. That is what a real skateboarder is.” -Stacy Peralta

  • Deck Shape: 290
  • Deck Concave: K21
  • Deck Wheelbase: 15"
  • Deck Length: 32.8"
  • Deck Width: 9.13"
  • Deck Nose: 6.8"
  • Deck Tail: 6.8"

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