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The Kids Hood Balaclava is made 100% in the USA and is designed to provide seamless and ergonomic protection for kids in the most demanding of snow conditions. It's lens safe, UPF 50+, and moisture wicking. The days of frozen, non-functional and poor fitting facemasks are over. Designed to be warm enough for the coldest days and breathable enough for the sunniest of spring sessions. The Kids Hood is a Game Changer. 

  • Recommended Fit: Ages 2-7
  • Articulating Hinged mouth 
  • Helmet-friendly 
  • Machine washable
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Antimicrobial
  • ​Lens safe - wipe down goggles, camera lens, etc
  • Water resistant- Hydrophobic threads. 
  • Breathable anti-fog technology - fibers open to allow better breath-ability to help prevent goggle fog
  • Wind resistant - tested to 60 mph in 5 Degrees
  • SPF Properties - Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Dust resistant - Outer shell helps to filter & catch dust for easier breathing in the elements 
  • Vent exhaust system - allows airflow to enter and perspiration to escape through the back of the facemask with ease
  • Inner liner- T Construction protection where you need it most
  • H20 Block Technology - fibers open to allow easier breathing without moisture build up
  • Moisture-wicking - Maximum heat dissipation and ventilation
  • Full Synthetic - no absorbent cotton, and low freezing point

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