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Life & Times Of A Lady Shredder In Whistler - The Blog!

Shredbettyzoe - 07 January 2015 09:20 AM

Yea Lu, where the F is are your updates. Your blographer is disappointed you’re not working as hard as she is.

Welcome to Boardworld, Zoe! shaka

rider26 - 07 January 2015 05:27 PM
Shredbettyzoe - 07 January 2015 09:20 AM

Yea Lu, where the F is are your updates. Your blographer is disappointed you’re not working as hard as she is.

Welcome to Boardworld, Zoe! shaka

Yep, definitely need more Zoë in my life! :-D


Thanks for the update, Lu. It was a big tumble but you handled it like a champ. These things happen, unfortunately. I’m stoked you weren’t out for long and that you’re back to shredding hard. It’s been super fun hanging out and riding with you. Thanks for having me over on Sunday night as well! Looking forward to your next update. punch


Yay, update finally LOL


OLD NEWS. C’mon slow poke, get to team awesome days. xo
Lu has been killing it and back in the swing of things since her dramatic bail, throwing down 360’s, high fives, euro turns, pow slashes, winning at Catan, and jungle speed, and being a part time fashion consultant to her very indecisive blorgapher.


Hahahaha LOL

I like having you here, Zoe!


Chapter 8 - Injuries, Sickness, Christmas & New Year…and yes a *small* hiatus…part A

Calm your farm, Zoë - updates on ‘Team Awesome’ are on their way!

In the meantime, let’s take a little detour. A bit of a rewind, if you will. Think back to October(ish) of 2013…Dan and I were starting to seriously consider this crazy idea of actually moving to Canada and at the same time, my best friend in Australia had asked me to be a bridesmaid at her secret Las Vegas wedding at the end of Feb. So here we were, making a really tough decision to up and leave our comfort zones, but one we decided to go for in the end! So, it was agreed - off to Canada we would go.

Now, Dan and I have also bought our two dogs with us as I’ve already introduced. So, this meant he and I would have to move separately as one of us would have to put them on the plane in Aus and sort out the house; whilst the other one would find a house in Canada (that allowed dogs) and then collect the dogs from the airport. As I needed to be in Vegas in February, it made sense for me to go first. It was during this time that I started doing a bit of internet lurking, to see if I could find and make friends in the area, to help with my transition.

Somehow, I came across a group on Facebook that was all about women getting together at a North American resort every couple of years and shredding. Sounded perfect for me! I sent them a message and received a very quick response from a girl named Suze. And it was the beginning of an amazing friendship! The trip for 2014 had been booked for Mt Bachelor in Oregon - which was also ideal, as it is in the North West of the US and I was heading to the west of Canada anyways! So, after some discussion with Suze a plan was being formed for my relocation from Aus. It looked like this:
- Sydney to Vegas for the wedding.
- Vegas to San Fran, where I would first visit my best friends parents in Woodside, for a number of nights. From here, I would go to Suze’s house in San Fran and we would go ride at a couple of Lake Tahoe Resorts
- Ride at Kirkwood and then go back to Reno for a night after riding at Northstar for the day.
- Road trip with Suze from Reno to Ben, Oregon
- Ride at Mt Bachelor for a few days (and meet some AMAZING peeps and ride some sweet, sweet pow pow!!)
- Road trip from Bend to Squamish with one of the other girls on the trip.

Riding pow at Mt Bachelor with my rad new friends!

So, now I’ve introduced Suze, this brings us to my Christmas. During my stay with Suze, I was introduced to her…let’s say, ‘interest’ in the now discontinued, Oakley Float jacket.

As it turned out, Suze owned one of each color of the Oakley Floats, however she had always wished she’d gotten a smaller size in the color above. Well, lo-and-behold, I found the exact jacket Suze wanted on the Whistler Buy & Sell group on Facebook and I snapped it up real quick. I sent it to her as a surprise for her birthday and she was stoked! To me, happy friends means happy Lu. So, I was equally excited for her!

...little did I know, but Suze had already planned a similar gift for me. Just before Christmas, I received a delivery and I got so many goodies! Some Australian Smarties (which are like my crack cocaine), some hand made diecuts and some knitted goods by Suze herself and the pièce de résistance: the very same color Oakley Float jacket IN MY SIZE!! WTF?!

So many goodies!

Needless to say, the new jacket has been getting a good workout.

But, back to where we were - I’d just axed myself on the Glacier and for an Australian, the appeal of being able to snowboard on Christmas day was absolutely enticing. Normally, as an Australian, our Christmases involve lots of this:

These (classic KMart double-pluggers!):

And lets be honest, copious amounts of this stuff:

...which normally ends up in really bad hangovers and sunburn the next day (or, we know it as Boxing Day!)

As I previously commented, the Doc had told me to take 10-14 days and Christmas day rolls around. I still can’t talk properly due to my jaw (at this point, I’m living on a diet of soup and icecream), my knees are really in pain, but I was determined to ride nonetheless.

Although I cringe in pain watching this footage, here’s a little Christmas day edit of Dan and I riding!

I could not bend my knees properly and every bump I hit, was super uncomfortable so, please don’t judge my riding by this footage!  However - note the Oakley Float. Such a great jacket to ride in!

My next post, I’ll get up to date with how many days I’ve been riding and also, will add some product reviews. We’ll also introduce some NEW FRIENDS!!




You should do a blog as well Zoe cool smirk

skip11 - 09 January 2015 05:06 AM

You should do a blog as well Zoe cool smirk

I actually like that idea. Or, or - Zoë & I could co-blog?! Zoë is far superior to my unco-ness.


Yeahh duo-blog go go gooo!! Aren’t you supposed to be riding now Lu?


I wish! Even despite the crappy conditions out there.

No, sometimes I have to pretend to be an adult and I do actually have a job. For the most part, the only day in the week I won’t be able to ride is Thursday. Every other day, I’ll have at least a couple of hours to get some runs in!


Dear E-Diary
Today I dropped the truck off for some repairs, kept the printer running all day, got through lots of client jobs, and had a nice break to browse the interwebs for things I shouldn’t buy.

I bought two pairs of snowpants yesterday in a fit of ‘I NEED THESE’ and got an email today saying one was actually never in stock. Wasn’t meant to be but I had a really pleasant exchange of emails with this dude Billy from Ambush Board Co. about the order and got a refund instantly… he actually sent me his recommendations of other pants if I was interested in getting a different pair, such service! I’m hoping the other pair I did order is as nice as I think they will be…...... because there’s nothing worse then waiting half a month for something you think is going to be rad to arrive…. only to find out it’s shit!

It looked nice and sunny outside all day, sometimes I wish I had a job that let me play more away from a desk. I also ate too many chocolates so I’m going to try and get a quick workout in when I get home before going out for dinner at Nic’s friends. I think it’s also going to take me about an hour to brush out the rat nest growing in my hair… fml.girlproblems

In my next life I want to be a dog.
Vote for Lu


Loving the updates guys!!

Haha Zoe - typical girl snowboarder problems.. Messy hair..

(mines horrid after a day on snow - especially because its loooong - a bit past my belly button) usually I try to plait it to stop this)

Also getting the usual stares of “omg a girl in the park” or your a girl you cant do that…

And the eating your hair/ having it freeze..

Or falling on your boobs..  - I’m good at this one and its sucks!!

And the more often that not having to buy men’s clothing as its waaaay more practical than women’s.. Eg. I brought a burton jacket.. Got it and its super cropped… Yes. I love snow down my pants when I stack because my jacket doesn’t even cover the top of my pants… But at least I look cute right?!? *rolls eyes* haha


Yeah, classic girl problems = hair. I religiously plait/braid my hair to keep it back. Despite best intentions, it still ends up with a dreadlock at the back of my neck.

I must be lucky, or riding with the right peeps, because no one ever says “you can’t do that” to me! Screw them, anyway.

I’ll be posting soon, my thoughts and experience with outerwear, but I might see if I can wrangle in some of my other outerwear addicted friends to help with that! Although, with 8 jackets and 8 pants, I’d say I’m pretty ‘qualified’ for that, but I can only post as a 5’2 lady.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts, h0z! So much more to come this season! I’ve got 2 trips to the US coming up, plus also lots of special, VIP guests to feature, from all over the world!