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Long before Boardworld was a store, we were here to provide expert advice on anything and everything related to snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. The Boardworld Forums are widely regarded as one of the most friendly and helpful communities on the Web. Whether you are looking for a new board, need help with a trick you’re learning, or even if you need travel advice — Boardworld offers an extensive range of expert advice on every imaginable topic. Your questions are answered accurately and quickly. If there is something we can't answer, we don’t hesitate to contact a brand, a rep, or an industry expert — to give you fast and accurate answers to all your questions. Sometimes the brand’s rep will even reply to you directly.

Our policy is: there is no such thing a silly question. No question is too simple. That’s exactly what we are here for. We can’t state this firmly enough: please do not hesitate to join our community and to ask us whatever you want. You are a valuable member of our community and you will be welcomed and treated with respect. This is Boardworld 101.

There are two ways you can receive expert advice:

We are looking forward to talking to you soon!

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