X Games: Real Snow 2020 - primary image

X Games: Real Snow 2020

Who are you backing?

The time has come again for the public to cast their votes for who they think deserves this year's X Games: Real Snow gold medal. The Real Snow competition has a two-part judging format which requires a team of one filmer and one rider to put together a 90-second video part. Use your vote wisely though, as this year's contest could be the gnarliest one yet...

The 2020 Real Snow contestants include: 

  • Jesse Augustinus + Stefano Bergamaschi
  • Zak Hale + Justin Meyer
  • Craig McMorris + Marcus Skin
  • Rene Rinnekangas + Anton Kiiski
  • Mark Wilson + Seamus Foster

Watch all six videos below, then head over here and vote for your favourite

Kevin backstrom:

Ståle Sandbech: 


Dusty Henricksen:


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