When in Whistler — The Mini Movie


An entire season packed into an eight-minute feature

Boardworld proudly presents WHEN IN WHISTLER — THE MINI MOVIE. It's not easy summarising an entire season into an eight-minute video but Olliepop FIlms did a bloody good job. This mini movie showcases the very best Whistler has to offer. Featuring footage from Whistler Blackcomb, the urban landscapes and the surrounding backcountry — this is the best of WHEN IN WHISTLER. Press play, sit back and enjoy!

Featuring: Jeremy Melanson, Gordie Lehane, Yannick Lamontagne, Craig Bowl-u, Darcy Sharpe, Charles Reid, Charles Beckinsale, Geoff Brown, Adam Chuntz, Bruce Johnston, Andrew Burns, Shaun Belmore, Nic Harvey, Trevor Karle, Joel Loverin, Ryan Manning, David Kinskofer and Marc Andre Tremblay.

Film/Edit: Jeremy Richardson @ Olliepop Films

Additional Filming: Vanessa Chan, Duncan Mainland, Ryan Kenny, Nate Rigos, Yannick Lamontagne, Brian Hockenstein and Joel Loverin.

Cover Image: Kyle Gibson

Intro Track: 'Young' by Air Review

Episode Tracks: 'Tears' by Colleagues and 'Fraud' by Pony Express



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