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Westgate Departs Emerica


We look back on Brandon's best

After over a decade of association, Emerica has officially confirmed the departure of Brandon Westgate from the brand. In a world of corporate shoe sponsorships and unprecedented cash injections, it might come as no surprise that Brandon was quickly confirmed to be making the move over to New Balance Numeric. In all honesty, it's difficult to fault that move. There were certainly no hard feelings in Emerica's heartfelt goodbye message on Instagram:


Still, this one hits the feels. Brandon's output for Emerica this decade has been nothing short of phenomenal, so we thought we'd leave you with some of his incredible footage from under the Emerica umbrella.

Stay Gold (B-Sides, 2010)

Brandon's part in Stay Gold was his first full-length offering for Emerica, and he certainly made it count – delivering one of the finest and most memorable sections of the decade. High-speed SF hill bombs and rawer-than-raw spot selection propelled him from an East Coast kid into a worldwide powerhouse, and this 13-minute raw edit encapsulates the best of that and more. 

New Shoe, New Part (2011)

A matter of months after releasing Stay Gold, Emerica treated the world to more Westgate magic with the release of his debut pro shoe and a video part to match. He back smithed up a handrail in this – that's practically all you need to know. 

Made: Chapter One (B-Sides, 2013)

Another 13 minutes of raw footage from the MADE: Chapter 1 video, arguably Westgate's finest part of the lot. If watching this doesn't get you psyched on skateboarding, something has gone terribly wrong. Westgate proved his status as one of the best on Earth, and it's a fitting farewell as his final part for Emerica. 

Look out for Brandon in the upcoming Element video, slated for release in late 2017, which will also be produced and filmed by longtime Emerica stalwart Jon Miner. We're looking forward to it. 

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