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Olliepop Films returns to Perisher

Boardworld presents "Up in the Valley" — The lads at Olliepop Films came back from a summer break in Whistler to check out the hype surrounding Perisher's Front Valley Park... and boy were they stoked! Hot-lapping t-bars, perfectly maintained jumps including a right to left transfer jump and a sick line of rails along the side... BOOM!

Riders: Jye Kearney, Sam "Reddog" Neumann, Charles Beckinsale, Tim Laidlaw, Tyler Nicholson, Darcy Sharpe, Mikey Ciccarelli and Maxence Parrot. 

Film/Edit: Olliepop Films
Film: Jeremy Richardson, Chis Witwicki, Tom Hannam.

Music: Wander and Ramble by MC Cullah.

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