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The best skate clips from November 1-7

It's been another belter of a week on Instagram, with a bunch of highly entertaining clips popping up from all over the globe. We've got stupidly good Halloween bangers, guys skating dirt for some strange reason, guys skating weird looking children's toys for stranger reasons, and WWE legend Randy Orton even makes an appearance outta nowhere. You'd better get scrolling. 

5. Randy Orton RKO Outta Nowhere!!! (@majercrew)


A video posted by MAJER Crew (@majercrew) on

Randy Orton is an absolute living legend, and everyone knows it. Something people probably don't know is that Randy is also an exceptionally talented skateboarder. Don't believe us? Watch this crooked grind bigspin followed by a perfectly executed RKO and tell us this isn't Randy himself. It's obviously him and it's definitely not the Black Ninja. John Cena better watch his back, because Randy ain't mucking around. 

4. Vote for Pedro (@nick_bolts)


A video posted by Nick Holt �� (@nick_bolts) on

First Randy Orton, now Napoleon Dynamite is on the scene. We know Kip was training to be a cage fighter, but I guess Napoleon was training to be a pro skateboarder behind the scenes, because this is absolutely mental. I've always thought it would be epic if someone named Pedro actually ran for head of state somewhere. Heck, if you changed your name to Pedro you'd get a ton of votes just for the sheer humour of it all, no matter how poor your actual leadership qualities might be. Plus your campaign slogan and advertising is already set to go. Anyone know if Pedro Barros is keen?

3. JT Aultz Nose Everything (@realskateboards)

JT Aultz is the king of crazy nose manuals, there's no contest. Part after part he seems to drop some sort of eye-melting nose wheelie, but this one is probably the best. Anyone who's visited NYC's black hubba, more affectionately known as the "blubba", knows exactly how fucked up this trick is. Footage simply doesn't do it justice. Seriously though, sit back and think about it — JT Aultz nose manualled UP a kinked hubba. Enough said, really. 

2. Dirt Cheap (@londonjake)


A video posted by Jake London (@londonjake) on

What happens when the local council is too cheap to build a skatepark? Go off into the bush, build yourself some dirt ramps, chuck on a set of 80mm wheels and start shredding. These guys did exactly that, and to be honest it looks like a hell of a time. You'll end up with completely screwed bearings, ruined clothes, dirt and mud all over your grip and probably some sort of damaging concussion, but you gotta do what you gotta do. It's a lot more interesting than those BMX spuds, that's for sure. 

1. Child's Play (@gokcufyourself)

We saw a guy kickflip a shovel in this segment recently, but this surely takes the cake in the "weird skateboards" category. While most of us struggle to flick a proper 360 flip on an actual skateboard, this guy casually busts out one on...whatever this thing is. What is it, by the way? This is an honest question and we want an answer. Apparently it's some sort of children's toy, but it kind of looks like a toilet with wheels. That would be pretty cool actually, a toilet with wheels. You could cruise around while you take a shit, feel a nice breeze, race your friends...the list goes on. You know what? I think we'll finish on that note. See you next week. 

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