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Best of the best from October 24-31

It's that time of the week again. Time to kick off the boots, crack open a cold one and spend a well-earnt weekend browsing the Boardworld website. We've got your Friday afternoon sorted with this assortment of mind-blowing footage from the darkest depths of the internet. Is it just me, or are Instagram videos getting more unbelievable by the week? Hold onto your nosegrabs, because we're going in...

5. Triple Trouble (@showmeatrick)

This kid's name is Donny Randall, and according to the caption, it's his first ever backside triple flip. What I love about this clip, though, is how contorted his body is when he's doing the trick. At one point it looks like the board is about to spin 360 degrees, and then it looks like Donny himself is going to spin 360 degrees, before they cancel each other out and the universe implodes he rolls away from one hell of a strange looking trick. It took us a few tries to even realise what he'd just done. Kudos, Donny boy. 

4. Credit Card of the Year (@blackdave)


A video posted by Black Dave Willis (@blackdave) on

Black Dave is everyone's favourite East Coast skateboarding rapper/DJ/Zoo York-affiliated individual, but even BD himself isn't immune to skateboarding's cruelest joke. Anyone who has ever been 'credit-carded' is well aware of the immense pain and long-term emotional suffering that can arise from the dreaded sequence of events, wherein your balls are savagely attacked by the often jagged nose or tail of your rogue skateboard. We feel for you, Dave. Get well soon buddy. 

3. Monster Wallie Tucknee (@sk8rat)


A video posted by Shane Auckland (@sk8rat) on

Taking number 3 on our prestigious list is a guy who goes by the name "sliqq_baqq" on Instagram, because he just threw down the biggest wallie tucknee in the history of skateboarding. Honestly, check the height on that thing. This was actually filmed by Cory Kennedy, believe it or not, so he's definitely had a decent role model when it comes to pulling off gnarly, unexpected craziness. This is actually now our favourite Garfield High School trick ever done. Did you know that Jimi Hendrix went to this school? We shit you not. Learn something new every day, huh?

2. The Longest Boardslide Ever (@koconutchalice)


A video posted by Wing Ko (@koconutchalice) on


A video posted by Wing Ko (@koconutchalice) on

Wing Ko is a skate filmer from way back in the day, responsible for capturing early footage of a number of pros from the last couple of decades. One of those skaters is Eric Murphy, and Wing has just uploaded footage of Eric's famous boardslide from 1991, touted as the "longest ever boardslide" to this day. The footage will be seen in Wing's new film, The Brotherhood: Chicago, which documents skateboarding (among other things) from the early 90s in Chicago. This is still one of the most classic tricks ever, to this day. 

1. Wheel Explosion? No Worries for Jaws (@birdhouseskateboards)

Aaron "Jaws" Homoki needs no introduction. With legs made of steel and a brain apparently incapable of making rational decisions, Jaws has continued to deliver incredible entertainment over the years. This time he goes absolutely massive on another trademark ollie, but not all goes to plan. See that thing rolling away next to Jaws as he lands? That's his wheel. The guy literally ollied off something so high that his wheel noped the fuck out of there. And he casually rolls away from the trick anyway, like nothing happened. Jaws, you're an animal. We love you. 

Bonus: Idiot of the Week (@supradist)


A video posted by Supra Distribution (@supradist) on

Oh boy. This guy easily wins our "idiot of the week" award, as he attempts to drop in on a car and promptly crashes through the windshield. Most of the cars you see people skating in places like New York are actually abandoned, but we aren't so sure about this one. Either way, it's a hilarious ender to our list for the week. Have a good one. 

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