Instagram: Best of the Week


September 27-October 3

Phew...what a week on Instagram! There were some absolutely crazy videos posted on social media this week, from the terribly stupid, to the stupidly terrible, to the downright blasphemous. Thankfully for you, we've rounded up the very best of them for our weekly top 5 montage and write-up. Except this week, we decided that a top 5 wasn't adequate enough. That's right, considering it's a long weekend ahead, we decided to include a whopping 8 videos in this week's countdown. Can we pull it off? Find out next week on Dragon Ball Z right now below. 

Got a video you think we missed? Or do you have your own video you think we should check out? Use @boardworld to tag us on Instagram, or use #bwskate to tag your own videos or photos. We'll view them all, and if we think they're good enough to post, we'll post 'em. 

8. Kelly Hart Goes to Court (@kellyhart)


A video posted by Kelly Hart (@kellyhart) on

We don't see too much Kelly Hart footage these days, but he's started making a brief comeback through Instagram. And, if you can sift through the thousands of butt-hurt Nyjah fans whinging in the comments about Kelly's decisions as a Street League judge, you'll dig up some gold. This fakie 360 flip manual on the Santa Monica Courthouse stage is nothing short of monumental, and certainly doesn't deserve to be tucked away on Instagram. But that's just the weird social media-driven world we live in. 

7. Tommy Fynnesse (@shanejoneill)


A video posted by Shane Oneill (@shanejoneill) on

Everyone's favourite South African-born-New Zealand-raised-Australian-bred United States of America resident Tommy Fynn has been hard at work lately, popping up in various different spots with the type of stylish footage only he is capable of producing. This week he appeared on Shane O'Neill's Instagram with this extremely steezy fakie 360 flip to switch backside tailside. How often have we seen this trick? Not often, even in parks. We get the feeling Tommy is sitting on some pretty special street footage...

6. Backside Benihana (@showmeatrick)

This one comes from a guy known only as "K. Viernes", and it's pretty spectacular. The benihana was considered by many to be one of the most disgusting tricks on the planet, until the likes of Jake Duncombe and Shane Cross brought it back to popularity in the mid-late 2000s. Since then the benihana has gone back into it's shell a little, but we've noticed a spur of spread-legged tailgrabs popping up of late. This kid takes it to the next level, though, and throws a backside 180 into the mix over what must be at least an 8-stair handrail. It's fair to say that Shane Cross would be proud of this one. 

5. Daewon "Permanently on the List" Song (@daewon1song)


A video posted by Daewon Song (@daewon1song) on

Sheesh...where do we even begin here. This guy is a criminal against the laws of the universe. The fact he drops a clip of this quality so nonchalantly on Instagram every 48 hours or so is genuinely mind-boggling — but you already know that. First up we've got some diabolical footplant to switch crook combos, followed up by what can only be described as a "what-the-actual-fuck-did-he-just-do flip". We look forward to seeing where Daewon places on next week's list...and the week after get the idea.

4. Tancowny's Monstrous Double Flip (@lilfucky)


A video posted by Jamie Tancowny (@lilfucky) on

What happened to Jamie Tancowny? He burst onto the scene in Zero's Strange World video, then prompty left the team, joined up with Life Extention and was seldom heard from again. He's obviously still killing it, though, as this ludicrous double kickflip shows. Honestly, look how high he pops that. It might be the best double kickflip ever done, although Heath Kirchart's doozy in Mind Field would probably have something to say about that claim. Let's hope for some more Tancowny clips soon...although LE riders aren't exactly known for dropping copious amounts of footage, to say the least. 

3. Not the Average Joe (@anyskate)


A video posted by Joe Moore (@anyskate) on

Ever heard of Joe Moore? We haven't. Apparently he's pro for a company called Mentality, but that sounds like one of those "pro without really being an actual pro" situations. Either way, he's blown us away with some of his Instagram clips this week. Watch in awe as he dances his way around this parking lot curb spot with a few Mullen-esque moves, and tell us you aren't entertained. We suggest following this not-so-average Joe for more madness. 

2. Biggest 360 Flip of All Time (@haydenestrada)


A video posted by @haydenestrada on

Full disclosure — this video wasn't actually released this week. We missed it by a couple of days, but it still counts, because we said so. Hayden Estrada recently hucked what many described as the biggest backside flip of all time, and now he's one-upped himself with this absolutely meteoric 360 flip. It almost looks too good to be true, doesn't it? As far as we're concerned, nobody has ever cracked a higher tre flip than this. Seen a bigger one? Let us know. 

1. Acid Drop off a Freeway Overpass (@karl_watson_)


A video posted by Karl Watson (@karl_watson_) on

It's the type of title that you simply wouldn't believe. Then, as you begin watching the video, that feeling of disbelief escelates even further. Like... is this guy actually going to acid drop from the bottom of the freeway overpass to flat ground? We reckon he deserves endless legit points for attempting this feat of pure insanity. Who is he, you ask? Apparently he goes by the name of "King Tamba". We're digging it. 

Got a video you think we missed? Or do you have your own video you think we should check out? Use @boardworld to tag us on Instagram, or use #bwskate to tag your own videos or photos. We'll view them all, and if we think they're good enough to post, we'll post 'em.

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