In Transition: Jaws


Jaws shuts down Paradise Valley

Jaws was already the undisputed king of Paradise Valley Skatepark in Phoenix, a local park that he's been tearing apart for a decade. But this In Transition video part takes things to a whole new level. With NBD airs, unthinkable gaps, DIY rails and mind-blowing hammer after mind-blowing hammer, this is probably the pick of In Transition videos this year. 

The Berrics have just uploaded the entire series from 2015 to YouTube, and we've also got them below. There's some absolute belters in here. 

David Gonzalez: Houghton Skatepark, California

Pedro Barros: RTMF Bowl, Brazil

Alex Perelson: Zeuner's, California

David Gravette: Windell's, Oregon

Josh Borden: Jefferson Skatepark, Oregon

Chris Russell: Burnside, Oregon

Tom Schaar: Chino Skatepark, California

Brad McClain: Solvang Skatepark, California

Curren Caples: Lahaina Skatepark, Hawaii

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