917 - Full Video


One of the year's best flicks

There's no doubt that Alex Olson's Call Me 917 is a strange and somewhat mysterious company. It's almost impossible to find out who's actually on the team, the board releases are sporadic, and they just released a full-length video, without warning, for free. One thing is certain, though – it's working. 

This will definitely go down as one of the finest releases of 2017, and in a similar way to Cherry, has the potential to further define this generation of skateboarding. There aren't any titles or names, unsurprisingly, so we'll do our best to list those involved in order of appearance. This one is too good to miss. 

Featuring (parts in order of appearance):

Aidan Mackey
Aaron Loreth
Nik Stain & Hugo Boserup
Stu Kirst, Nolan Benfield & Cruz Mendez
Alex Olson & Vincent Touzery
Kohlton Ervin
Nico Chiat
Cyrus Bennett
Max Palmer

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