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10 Transworld Parts We Love


RIP Transworld Skateboarding

If you missed last week's major story in the skateboarding world, we're sorry to report that Transworld Skateboarding is no more. While some online presence will remain for now, the print magazines and full-length videos have been canned for good. It's a truly devastating blow and a sure sign of the digitally-driven times we're living in. 

While Transworld had been in print since 1983, the magazine took a great leap forward with its first full-length skateboard video, the aptly titled Uno, released in 1996. The film kicked off an almost incomprehensible catalogue of videos – 30 of them over a 23-year span – and cemented Transworld as a seemingly untouchable force within skateboard media. For example, in 1999 alone, the magazine released three full-length videos: Transmission 7, Feedback, and The Reason. All classics, back-to-back-to-back. A few months later came Modus Operandi. They really were on a roll. 

This list features 10 of our favourite TWS sections from the last 23 years, ordered chronologically. Some great ones are missing out – we're limiting ourselves to one-part-per-video maximum – and it's the kind of list we could completely change every week. Don't be too bummed if you're favourite isn't here. Hopefully we can deliver some nostalgia and get you thinking about the joy Transworld brought to skateboarding over its incredible run. 

1. Tom Penny in Uno (1996)

40 seconds of footage, all filmed at one spot during a leisurely afternoon session? Calling this a 'part' might be a stretch, but it's one of the most iconic sequences ever committed to film. Penny shut down the San Diego chain-to-bank with 13 different tricks, and did them at such a rate that filmer/photographer Skin Philips had to explain to the TWS bosses that he didn't have time to shoot photos for the magazine. As legend has it, this footage is the reason Transworld decided to start making a video in the first place. Long live Penny. 

2. Bob Burnquist in Interface (1997)

This one goes a little underappreciated in modern times, but Bob Burnquist's section in Interface was nothing short of unfathomable in 1997. His switch-stance ability on vert is second-to-none even today, let alone 22 years ago. There's even a nice sprinkling of street footage in this one, which is nothing to be scoffed at. There's a reason he was SOTY in '97.  

3. Josh Kalis in The Sixth Sense (1998)

Not always mentioned amongst Kalis' best parts, his section in this 1998 Transworld joint should easily be considered one of his finest achievements. The kicks, the fits, the tricks – this is a late '90s relic that stands the test of time. Throw in some vintage Stevie footage and you've got yourself one of the most iconic Transworld parts ever, in our opinion. All killer. 

4. Chad Muska in Feedback (1999)

Perhaps the easiest inclusion on this list, Muska's untouchable part in Feedback could be considered one of the greatest parts ever, period. This was The Muska at his best – full of character and style, but still churning out some of the gnarliest footage in the skateboarding world. It also features footage from 'The Day' in Phoenix, AZ, when Chad went ham in his hometown over an unforgettable 24-hour period. Muska forever. 

5. Stevie Williams in The Reason (1999)

Right after Feedback came The Reason, a one-two punch of the highest calibre. Stevie filmed his entire part at LOVE Park, and in doing so cemented his name amongst the greatest skateboarders of all time. If there's one section which captures that unrivalled era of Philadelphia skateboarding, this is it right here. Transworld was on fire at the turn of the century. 


6. Mike Carroll in Modus Operandi (2000)

With the dawn of a new century came Modus, heralded by many as the greatest of the entire TWS catalogue, and we're not going to argue with that. You could pick almost any part from this video, but Carroll's section is forever etched in our minds for good reason. From the unforgettable opening line, to the timeless soundtrack, to that Y2K aesthetic and the guest tricks from Scott Johnston and Rick Howard, this is probably Carroll's best-ever part. No cap. 

7. John Cardiel in Sight Unseen (2001)

If we're talking raw power and style, look no further than Cardiel in Sight Unseen. Like, ever. This part inspired a generation of copycats, but there's only one Cardiel. All hail. 


8. Stefan Janoski in Subtelties (2004)

Long before he was known for that shoe on that brand, Stefan was putting in work and etching his name amongst the style greats. His part in Subtelties is a personal favourite of ours; a skater at his absolute peak, effortlessly rattling off the most stylish lines you'll ever see, set to a brilliant Modest Mouse tune alongside one of the best filming duos of all time, Hernandez and Holland. If you're wondering why Janoski is one of the most successful skaters ever, look no further than this part. 

9. Sean Malto in And Now (2008)

We had to throw some more recent entries on here, right? It's actually hard to believe this video is 11 years old, such is the level of young Malto's skateboarding at the time. This section thrust Sean into the limelight and almost single-handedly made him a household name in the skate world – he turned pro off the back of basically this one major part – and you can't argue with any of it. The kid was one of a kind. 

10. Alien Workshop in Cinematographer Project (2012)

When Transworld brought back the Cinematographer idea for a second time in 2012, the video was stacked with mismatched footage and half-hearted, directionless sections from the biggest names in the skate videography world. It was a strange time for filmers; HD was still finding its feet and the creators didn't seem to know exactly where they were headed. Enter Benny Maglinao. Rather than tie his name to the part like everyone else, he filmed and edited an Alien Workshop team section which doubled as a pro debut for Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett, and it's arguably the best section in any Transworld video, ever, bar none. We'll let you decide. 

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