Is snowboarding like skateboarding

Is snowboarding like skateboarding and how long does it take to learn to do black diamonds.


I found it very easy to swap from skate to snow, I guess 5 -6 days and I could go pretty much anywhere, as for how well I did it, well thats another story wink

Get on the snow, you’ll have a blast, I promise smile


A lot of skills transfer from skating to snowboarding.
Unfortunately the actual basic riding of a snowboard is quite different. However if you are a long boarder and love doing slides, you will pick it up quick because beginner turns are basically one constant slide from the top to the bottom.

If you are a park/street skater then I recommend getting at least one lesson to learn how turn on a snowboard cause it’s not at all like tilting the board and letting the trucks turn you… cause there’s no trucks.

If you are a park/street skater the good news is once you have got the basics down, the tricks will come very quick to you because they are all based on skate and surf tricks.
Learning to roll on a skateboard is easy, learning to ride a snowboard is harder but (imo) most of the tricks are easier. Except you can’t jump off.

Give it a go Wazza, you won’t regret it ollie


i used to skate.. about 10 years ago.. hurt myself badly and gave it up.. (just cruising btw)

i was originally a skier.. and swapped over 2 years ago.. due to bad knees.. and i havent looked back.. i dont think i will ski again.. boarding is just so much fun.. and since my love of boarding can only be satisfied 4-5 months a year..  i neeed somethig to do in summer.. so im back on a skateboard.. (if it wasnt for snow boarding i never would have tied it again) and sooo wobbly haha.. they are kind of similar (i was told surfing is closer to snow boarding - no trucks or wheels.. - i cant surf.. so im just going off what ive been told..)  but im much more game to try stuff on a snowboard.. as the landing is so much softer.. then say asphalt.. lol! i was hitting small jumps on my snowboard.. id never have dreamt of that on my skateboard back when i used to skate everywhere..

but as andy said.. give it a go.. i know im glad i did..


i have been skiing and i can do about every slope but i want to give snowboarding a go. And i do slides on my street deck so would that help


it should.. its all about edges.. and how you lean, etc.. i picked it up in about 5-6 days (well about 3 realistically.. since the first few days i had a massive plank of wood that was so heavy.. when i swapped over to another board.. about 1/2 the weight and 9cms smaller.. i was making it down green only stacking once or twice if people got in my way etc..) after getting my own board.. i was hitting blue runs in 2 days.. and black 3-4 days after that.. (taking the blacks slowly though as they were tree runs..)

now after a season (22 days with my own board..) im pretty confident to do 95% of the runs with out any hassles..

in saying that.. we had a freind.. who had never been to the snow.. but plays ice hockey.. jump on a board.. do a blue run with in an hour.. and hitting jumps after 3 days..


Thanks i will give it a go in the holidays


no probs, let us know how it goes! smile


You stand sideways

Thats about the only thing really. Foot position is different I don’t ride my skateboard like a duck. It’s a similar motion when carving but edges are a different ball game and the way you use the shoulders and head isn’t too much different.

Get out, have fun ! :D


i grew up skating, and although it is very different from snowboarding, I think it helped me to pick up boarding quickly. Good luck


If you want similar to snowboarding, go try wakeboarding. Even going to Penrith Wake park and hire a pro board (like $20 for 2 hours) and it’s the closest you’re going to get imo.


The closest thing to snowboarding is skiing.

Similarities to skateboarding are when hitting rails. Skaters seem to do rails on a snowboard so effortlessly (rails not boxes) without needing to be able to snowboard with any greater skill than the very basics. A good skater with a few snowboarding lessons will almost instantly have good grab/jump skills.

Surfing is snowboarding backwards, surfers transfer so many bad habits on to the hill - completely wrong weight distribution, until they get into powder, then it’s game on.

Skateboarding is a great ay to hone and progress surfing skill.

Snowboarding IS skiing on one ski with both feet on that ski but standing sideways. If you can ski it’s an easy transition just be ready for a few days of frustration of not getting around as quick as you do on skis or doing blue/black runs without feeling like a punter.
And your chest and arm muscles will ache from getting up each time you fall, there are many muscle groups you use snowboarding that aren’t used skiing.

Understanding skiing and edge control makes for a much MUCH better snowboarder.

As a skater at least you will know if your regular or goofy.


Getting back onto the wakeboard this year has shown me just how different they are, like Spaz said above its like with surfing, the weight distribution is so different. On a wakeboard you are trying to keep the nose out and are putting all your weight to the back of the board until you load it up to jump when you are on a hard edge. The hardest thing i found when learning to snowboard (2 seasons ago) was i had to stand center if anything a little more weight on my leading foot. I just couldnt get the board to operate how it was meant to on the snow, because i was standing like i do on my snowboard and was only using half of the boards edge and it would slide right out on me. That said still get out to cables, because its mad fun, im loving being back behind the boat more this year, and keen to hit up cables to, only been once in my life last year.


You can (and should) snowboard with almost all your weight on the front foot (or foot you want going forwards). Gravity will always pull your weighted foot downhill - like skiing and leaning forwards, and like skiing bend-z-knees!

As 4ace_full says with wakeboarding re:loading up to Jump is when you go even weighted it’s the same on a snowboard or mid turn while cutting hard on your edge.

Wakeboarding was born from Surfing.
Skateboarding was born from Surfing.
Snowboarding was born from mono-skiing.


How long does it take to do black diamonds?

Not as long as takes on skis!
Snowboarding has a pretty steep learning curve once you start linking turns and getting down the hill without falling.
Deep pow is a PITA but when it’s pow you start wanting steeper and steeper runs on a board.
Steeps and pow are where Snowboarding totally dominants skiing.

Icy conditions are snowboarders hell - you have half the effective control as on skis and need really good balance skills to keep that limited contact holding.

snowbum_spaz - 04 January 2013 11:09 PM

You can (and should) snowboard with almost all your weight on the front foot (or foot you want going forwards). Gravity will always pull your weighted foot downhill - like skiing and leaning forwards, and like skiing bend-z-knees!

Definitely should not. It’s helpful in many situations but you shouldn’t be on the front foot all the time and gravity won’t always pull the weighted foot downhill.