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How should your pants fit?


ive got one of those belts, its awesome but ive worn down the bottle opener so its hard to use now :(


Trent I thought by way of your username you would have been the most qualified member to help out on this thread or are you lying to us?


no his pants are pretty rad haha. Very bright green. Not fluro, just very bright


The bloke can be used as a beacon in a blizzard he is that bright!


i don’t bother with carrying a tool since they have a screwdriver at most lift huts


If you ask me, there’s been way too much talking from everyone about the size of their tools for my liking.  LOL

My $0.02, I carry a little pocket tool in my breast pocket. I have never even noticed it’s there. Never actually needed it either.

I picked up a pretty sweet pair of DC Tasch pants at the end of last season. I’m yet to wear them on the hill, but I can tell you they’re VERY comfortable pants. Way more so than my last pair. They have a padded waist so they’re really snug, and they’re stacked with plenty of features too.

They’re pretty baggy. In the crotch and through the legs. But they have a cinch in the leg pockets so you can pull the legs up when you’re in the car park etc.


So you want us to stop with the tool talk Tills, and then you go and mention the word “breast pocket”!!!!!  hmmm

Good stuff with the new dacks, pazza!!!!!  shaka


I have some 3CS pants (large) which are fairly good fit. Fit well on your waist but they are baggy in the legs and hang well. I would suggest trying on some brands as I have ordered dacks which were large but felt like skinny jeans. I like them not over baggy but enough that they don’t look like rentals.

NBG - 13 June 2012 12:37 PM

If you’re female, around your ankles is acceptable.  If you’re male, at least above the top of your plumbers.

nice sharing!!


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