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Camber Profiles: Camber vs Rocker vs Flat vs Hybrids

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your help and tips.
After a lot of reading and discussions, I’ll go with a RCR and will pick a Jones Moutain Twin.
I still hesitate on 157 or 160 though (I am 1.82 and 80kg), but Jones Moutain Twin it will be grin

Thanks for all this discussion about cambers was pretty interesting grin


umm around either will be fine i am 1.75m and weigh around 82kgs and i ride a 154 and a 159


Go shorter (157). I’m 197cm/95kg and I ride a 162.


I’m 5’5” 150lbs, I ride a 156. If I were you I’d go for the 160, since you don’t do park much.


Hi guys, a new joiner in the forum here.

Thank you for the very comprehensive post, rider26.

I am a beginner-intermediate goofy snowboarder currently looking into Rocker-Flat-Rocker snowboard (ex: K2 Grenade). What is the benefit of this board in comparison to Rocker-Chamber-Rocker board (ex: Flow Merc)? I mainly ride all-mountain freeride on major powdery/ minor slushy terrain.

Open to any suggestion for board type.



Welcome to the forums chemisiq!

I currently ride a Parkstar which has the same profile (rock-flat-rock) and have also ridden a few YES boards with rocker-cam-rocker.
The K2 profile feels a bit more loose and surf/skate like, but when on edge it still can lock in. In powder it is fun as hell. really easy to initiate turns.
The R-C-R profile feels more like a cambered board, but with a more catch free feel. about the same easiness to initiate, but the R-C-R feels more locked in like a camber board, like you are locked into track.
the R-C-R will give you more “give”(dampening) in really heavy chopped up snow/chunder., The R-F-R will be more fun in the slushy or pow snow


Hey chemisiq, welcome to Boardworld. cool smile

The rocker-flat-rocker is essentially a rockered board, and thus it’s going to ride quite similar to a full rocker. It will be loose like a rockered board, and you will get excellent float in powder. The benefit of having the flat section between your feet is increased stability, which will be most noticeable on rails/boxes.

The rocker-camber-rocker profile rides quite similar to a cambered board in my opinion. It carves a lot better, has more pop, and is more stable for bombing hills. With this profile, you get the benefits of camber as I outlined, but the board will still be playful in the nose and tail, so great for presses and buttering. Additionally, you will get the benefit of increased float in powder from the rockered tips (compared to a full camber profile). Personally, I find this profile to have the best all-mountain performance and versatility (compared to full rocker profiles and other hybrid profiles). If I was buying one board to do it all, it would have to be this profile.

If you enjoy freeriding and appreciate speed, stability, pop and carving performance, I would definitely go for the rocker-camber-rocker profile.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


^^^^^ Yeah, what he said!!!!!


Thanks guys, it seems like R-C-R would be the best option here.

Any suggestion on a decent R-C-R board for beginner-intermediate? I am still working on perfecting linking turns and start on carving. Looking at board with the length around 145 to 148 for my unfavourable body size.


YES and FYVE would be the first two brands I would look at for rocker-camber-rocker.

The YES Basic is a very nice board at a good price, without some of the high end features such as a sintered base (sintered is better/faster) but this is totally fine for your level. It comes in 143 and 146, so no problem accommodating you there. Of course you also have the sintered base option on their other boards (the ASYM is one of my favourites, which replaces the GREATS). Definitely check out the YES range: (we get YES boards a year ahead in Australia, so we have the new boards that aren’t on their website yet, hence no ASYM on the site).

I just spent three days riding my new snowboard - the FYVE Mayhem. This was such an awesome board to ride. Rocker-camber-rocker, twin shape, mid flex, sintered base. Just the perfect kill-it-all board and at a very good price. It also comes in a 148. I will be writing a review on this board very soon actually. But here’s the link anyway:


My favorite profile right now is camber with rockered nose (rocker starts somewhere near the contact points). C3 and C2 is a close second. For some reason I’ve never been a fan of CamRock that has the rocker starts after the binding inserts, but if it has a longer camber section I like it.

skip11 - 09 March 2016 02:10 PM

My favorite profile right now is camber with rockered nose (rocker starts somewhere near the contact points). C3 and C2 is a close second. For some reason I’ve never been a fan of CamRock that has the rocker starts after the binding inserts, but if it has a longer camber section I like it.

Technically every board has rocker after the contact points… I’m assuming you mean just before the contacts to loosen the ride a little or provide some extra float. Have you ridden any Endeavor boards like the Live or Cobain? Camber until half way between contacts and end of inserts effectively, say 70% camber in the middle, 15% rocker in the tips.


No I haven’t. I checked out the Live in store though. I think I’ll be down to ride that. The camber is pretty pronounced (I think it was 5 or 6mm in the spec) and longer like you said. I just had bad experience riding the earlier YES CamRock boards (the Tazmanian and the Great Beauties, I think that was the 2011 season). Where the camber is almost non existent and the rocker is too much, made it felt too loose. But I think the Standard and the Greats this year is more similar to the Live, no more mini camber and huge rocker.

I meant like the Burton Flight Attendant, Tough Cat, etc. so yeah just before the contact points. Although to be honest, the FA is more like a cambered board with a huge nose if you lay it flat on the table. I might’ve posted a camber profile pic here or maybe on a different forum.

Close 2nd and 3rd favorite profile is C3 and C2.