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YES. Greats Snowboard Review 2017



I am new here. I am in the market for a new board as the hubby accidentally reversed over my Yes Basic. I loved the basic but have heard awesome things about the Greats. As a girl I thought about getting a hel yes but I feel it is stiffer than I would like a board to be. I like Yes as the quality is amazing. I am 5’11 and 67kgs. Any advice on the Greats? I am an intermediate boarder, quite happy on smallish jumps but looking to improve as the kids are going to be hitting the park soon. I was thinking a 154 for extra edge hold on the icy runs.


Unless you’ve got large feet, I’d honestly steer toward the Hel Yes!!!!! @snoway

The Hel 155 even though stiffer rating, has way less volume of the Greats 154!!!!!

Also a smaller effective edge etc!!!!!

I gather you want it for over here in Australia too (ice comment), so a wider board such as the greats will be more of a handful on the hardpack!!!!!

Just my thoughts, but I’m sure @amine & @rider26 will chime in with their expert opinions!!!!!


Welcome to Boardworld, @snoway! shaka

@Mizu Kuma beat me to it and I agree with him 100%

Firstly, the Hel won’t feel as stiff as the Greats. It shares the same core, bamboo + poplar (which is amazing by the way), but the Greats also has carbon along the heelside edge which the Hel does not. Also, less width means it will be a bit easier to flex, not to mention quicker edge to edge as already pointed out. It’s not that stiff (but enough to give you performance all over the mountain). CamRock also makes the ride fairly playful.

I feel the Hel 152 would be absolutely perfect for you, especially considering you want to ride more park, provided your boots aren’t too big for the waist width. My wife rides this exact board and loves it (specs similar to you). The Underbite edge profile is also going to give you more grip in icy conditions. The Greats is an awesome board, but I feel you will be better suited to the Hel. What size boots do you wear?

We only have one left.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hey @snoway welcome to the forums!!!  I am the YES. rep for aus & nz, so I thought I might offer my two cents on this as well.

Firstly, @Mizu Kuma and @rider26 have both offered some stirling advise!  But can I please ask, what size boots do you wear? 

Thanks for letting me know and I will get back to you asap with my recommendations asap.



Thanks for all the awesome advice. I have Salomon Ivy Boa STR8JKT boots in a 41eu (9 Aus) I just measured the boots from toe to heel and they are 29 and half cms.

In the past I have always gone for mens boards as I am taller and therefore quite a bit heavier than the average girl and when I did try a girls board I was always underwhelmed. I know that won’t be the case with the Hel Yes.

By hitting the park I mean I will probably only be doing the jumps, and hanging out with the kids until they no longer need supervision… My preference though is charging on the piste and going off piste when I can. Riding switch and improving my switch.

Last weekend I rode a Ride Helix 155 and I absolutely loved it which is why I started having a look at the Yes The Greats because I like Yes and wanted to stick with the brand. Hubby has a PYL and a 420 and both are awesome. I have also ridden the Typo and loved it.  My previous board was a Yes Basic 155. I was totally happy with it and was leaning towards another until I rode the Ride Helix.

I ride mainly in France in the Alps (pretty icy) and then when we go to Aus we have a “summer” snow break.

I have 2015/16 Union Milan bindings.

I am going boarding this weekend and will probably rent a Hel Yes and see how it goes. Any ideas how it would compare to the Jones Twin Sister? I have ridden that and I quite liked it.


The Twin Sister is always in the same conversation as the Hel. Women who like one usually like both. Twin Sister was my wife’s 2nd favourite board (she bought the Hel). Twin Sister has magne-traction, so it performs well on hardpack and ice. I would say these two boards are definitely comparable.


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