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Springbreak Twin Size Suggestions

Hi guys, simple question today.

Looking to start progressing in the park with a park board.

Have my eyes set the on Springbreak Twin but don’t know what size to get for a park board.

I am 179cm and 155lbs, I usually ride a evil twin 154 at 15/15 with 51cm between bindings.



I’d stick with a 154 at your weight!!!!!

Especially if you will take it out of the park regularly!!!!! (A quick look at the Spring Break, and it’s an all mountain board)

If it’s gonna be 100% park, then maybe size down for fun and ease of throwin it around????? As long as you’re not hittin the bigger booters!!!!!

* Boot size might be an issue with the smaller board????? Your angles and stance should solve this though, as long as your hoofs aren’t massive!!!!!


I agree with Mizu on this one. Around 154 should be right on the money. You can go a bit up or down from there depending on your intentions, i.e. rails vs booters. But overall, around 154 should be quite versatile in the park.


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