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The struggle begins..

So, I’m comfortable rolling, going down small curbs and pushing confidently, (age 16).
However, I use large soft almost cruiser wheels, like 65 mm, is this is why I’m struggling to get the Ollie down even when stationary?

I have almost finished exams and want to get the Ollie nailed over the 8 weeks holiday before college, any advice?

I’m going to try and find the wheels which originally came with the board, should this help me learn Ollies?

One last thing, my road is not very flat and is rough af but I’m scared of going to a park because I’m a beginner what should I do?

Many thanks wink


Hey @Ben.C,

Welcome to Boardworld! ?

Have you watched our Ollie Trick Tip video?

I would say those large cruiser wheels are definitely making things a lot harder for you. Being that high off the ground makes it more challenging to get a good snap with the tail of your board. Go for a more standard size around 50-52mm. This should make a big difference.

Don’t be scared of the park but know your limits and progress one step at a time. Be aware of others around you, have respect for others in the park, but go in there and focus on your own progression.

Good luck and let us know how you go!


@rider26 Thanks! I’ll take a look at that video and find those other wheels wink


So gutted I couldn’t get out to practice today, my back and right knee are in quite a bit of pain, feels muscular so I assume its from using new muscles when skateboarding.
Hope I can recover quickly so I can get back out asap LOL


If it’s any help I found it easier to develop my ollies back in the day by leaning back on say a bench or wall for support.

This also helped my work on my kickflip technique.