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Skateboarding Trick Tips


Welcome to the Boardworld skateboarding trick tip thread! This thread is your one-stop shop for every Boardworld trick tip video, from the very basics through to intermediate and advanced tricks. We’ll be keeping this thread updated with brand new trick tip videos periodically, along with our current catalog of comprehensive tutorials. As always, we’re more than happy to help with anyone’s questions or problems regarding any trick, so don’t be shy! Just leave a comment in this thread, and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.


Trick Tip: Pushing
Trick Tip: Ollie
Trick Tip: Drop In
Trick Tip: Rock to Fakie
Trick Tip: Axle Stall
Trick Tip: Ollie Stairs
Trick Tip: Frontside 180
Trick Tip: Backside 180
Trick Tip: Kickflip
Trick Tip: Heelflip
Trick Tip: Pop Shove-It
Trick Tip: Frontside Shove-It
Trick Tip: 360 Flip
Trick Tip: Hardflip
Trick Tip: Double Kickflip
Trick Tip: Frontside and Backside Boardslides
Trick Tip: 50-50 Grind
Trick Tip: 5-0 Grind
Trick Tip: Frontside Smith Grind
Trick Tip: Noseslide
Trick Tip: Frontside Tailslide
Trick Tip: Frontside Lipslide
Trick Tip: Backside Tailslide
Trick Tip: Feeble to Fakie
Trick Tip: No-Comply 180
Trick Tip: No-Comply Impossible


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