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Favourite Video


I’m an obsessive collector of skateboarding DVD’S and VHS, my DVD collection is close to 120 titles.

Wondering what everyones favourite release is?
The Panic/Blueprint VHS was on heavy rotation in about 96.

Recently the Deathwish video really impressed me, also Magentas Soliel Levant.

What’s everyone elses?


So just me then?
Damn, I was hoping for some good skateboarding conversations out of this place.


Must have missed this the first time!

Where to begin….

Honestly, as cliche as it might be, Yeah Right is my personal favourite video of all time. Koston at his peak, legends like McCrank and Carroll, mixed with the young generation at the time (P-Rod, Jereme Rogers) makes for an all-time classic. That team was too good.

A close second place would have to be Mind Field… in terms of editing and filming, I think that was the peak of the VX era. Alien had such a sick creative style and team. Jake Johnson’s part is one of my all-time favourites, but there’s so many good ones in that video… Omar, Mikey Taylor, and obviously Heath, but every part is incredible.

In recent times I really dug Tengu: God of Mischief by Colin Read. It’s an independent video out of NYC, and he’s just released a new one, Spirit Quest, which I’m eagerly waiting to see. He’s doing unbelievable things with the VX/Death Lens combo – super creative and refreshing. The GX1000 video was another amazing independent video from this year.

There’s so many good ones though… I could go on forever!


Yea, I’ve heard that Tengu video mentioned a few times, have to get on it.

I also really rated the Heroin skateboards “Video Nasty”.
That was really my first introduction to Gou Miyagi and Choppers style of skating.

Also just for Craig Questions section, so good.
I interviewed Fos (Heroin owner) and he really rated the Shads DVD.
Well worth a look.