Hitcase for iPhone



I’m really stoked on my Hitcase PRO+ for iPhone 5. I use my iphone a lot for photography and filming so it made sense for me. Build quality is great, the lens is the feature piece for me—you can achieve so much more with the super wide angle lens. All the clips and pole are super easy to use and work really well. The edit below was filmed in one day on Whistler Mountain with the Boardworld crew, filmed 100% on my iPhone 5s and Hitcase PRO+ for iPhone 5.


Hi Guys,

My name is Andy, I am stoked to be working with Boardworld and Jez Jeremy Jones. I will be throwing up lots of hitcase content and look forward to answering any questions you may have.

We want to see your hits so #Hitcase on your social media!


Hitcase is a waterproof, mountable, shockproof protective case for your iPhone 6,  iPhone6s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5.

Hitcase Pro Plus comes with a removable Superwide angle TrueLUX™ lens + monopod, Hitcase Solo comes with a removable Flat lens, and Hitcase Pro comes with a TrueLUX™ Wide angle lens.

Waterproof Up to 33 Feet - Take your iPhone deeper underwater than you thought was possible. Hitcase is a waterproof iPhone case and can go down to 33 feet or 10 meters. If you need waterproof protection for your iPhone during sports or on a job site, look no further.

With a wide angle lens for a much wider field of view over the standard iPhone, you can capture much more of your surroundings and create HD action sports videos like a pro. The Hitcase mounting system is compatible with GoPro®. A wide selection of mounts allow you to attach the Hitcase anywhere for the wildest videos.

Armor For Your iPhone. Drop It, Take It For A Ride - This shockproof iPhone case has a unique dual protection system. These two shock absorbing components work together to completely surround your iPhone with unprecedented vibration and impact absorbing power.


I’ve been using the HitCase with my iphone 5s.
It’s such a sick addition to portability and technology.
Previously I was using my SONY ActionCam, these days I don’t even bother pulling it out because I have my phone right there.

Only trouble now is they don’t have the 6+ happening yet - which is what I am running.

Think I will downsize phones anyway and get a case for the 6s once it is out.

Seriously dope setup!! All the Euro’s were marvelling at the case when I was out filming over MilleHigh.


Needs an android equiv…

Then again, I have a 1+1 phone so I’m probably not in a big enough market for one to come to me :(