Faded Bamboo Underwear


Mizu like!!!!!


I’ve been testing Faded Underwear for the past 10 or so months, wearing them casually and also regularly for snowboarding. These undies are top quality. Super comfy and breathable. I rate them highly. Really awesome brand run by snowboarders. Charles Reid is one of the founders — Canadian olympic snowboarder and you might remember him from the “When in Whistler” series we produced.


Can’t beat Bamboo for ya Bum & Bulge Regions!!!!!


^ I’m with you there… I think I’m gonna have to check it out…


So this seems really bizarre doing a review on underwear…But I am very qualified   LOL

But anyways, these Faded underwear are awesome!

Got myself 3 pair and will be getting more.

The bamboo material is great. Wicks moisture great. I spent most my time wearing it in a drysuit whilst white water kayaking and you get quite hot sitting on your arse all day. These I forget Im even wearing them.

I do yoga 2-5days a week at the moment and they are great for this also.

Can see them being awesome under outerwear or thermals, and great for boarding.

So when you see me boarding next, you’ll know…


That’s awesome, @K2_TeacherBoy. Thanks for the feedback!

I agree with everything you’ve said. I shred in them all the time (and hike, bike ride), and they are fantastic. I’ll be picking up a bunch more for myself when I’m back in Australia.


I managed to get a pair of these things a few weeks back. I’ve never been much of an undies type guy (commando) but these things were amazing!!

I’m pretty active most of the day, and these bamboo undies were super comfy, supportive and most important of all, didn’t ride up anywhere!

I’ve worn them running, to bed, to the gym, round the house (the mrs approves haha) and anywhere in-between.

Do yourself a favor and try em on for size. These undies wont disappoint!

I need to buy another 6 pairs!!