Ass Armor Reviews



Been wearing mine and they are awesome! Comfy, lightweight, good fit and awesome butt protection! Can barely tell your wearing them


Product Review

Early on in my freestyle riding, particularly learning to spin in the park, I found that I would often fall heavily on my tailbone/coccyx. For anyone who’s fallen on an icy landing, you know my pain.. Ass Armor impact shorts are a base layer short with extensive tailbone protection, so was really a no brainer getting a hold of some.

I purchased and have been wearing Ass Armor shorts every day of park riding I have had this season and not once have I had tailbone pain - big ups to the shorts cause I fall a LOT.

The shorts themselves are a slim fitting base layer short with a single padded section on the rear. This short is lightweight and comfortable to put on and I often forget I’m wearing them while riding. However, I will say they can take a little time getting used to walking with them on and sitting on them since the padded section is rather wide spread. I think the increased area of the padded section compared to some competitors shorts is a definite win as I have owned a competitors short and have fallen and missed the padded section - very frustrating. The stretch knit material of the Ass Armor short is fantastically comfortable as it is relatively seamless, it also has dry-fit tech which helps it breathe to stay dry and limit odour -  another big plus! This short is suitable for any boarder but especially those looking to get into park riding and start spinning!

Purpose achieved: 10/10

Comfort while riding 8/10

Comfort while sitting/walking: 5/10

Quality of product: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

I would 10/10 recommend this product. If anyone has any questions, please ask away.