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Welcome to Boardworld — Introduce Yourself Here!

brendan - 28 May 2015 09:47 PM

Hey Hey! Im going to try my hardest not to embarrass myself

I’m Brendan. Im 20 and live just out of Sydney city

First and foremost i am a skateboarder.. Its been my life since i was probably 6 or 7? When i was in grade 6 (2006) my local council decided they’d finally do something and build a prefab park which ended up being just around the corner from home. On the very first day of the park being open i took with me my dads video camera and i have been filming skateboarding almost every day since. I am also a keen music collector/listener and fan boy.

My close friend Riely (Walker) first introduced me to Boardworld when he was entering the photo comps years back. We would have chuckled at the idea that years later Riely would be practically running BW online and i would be contributing video work. Time flies.

Welcome to Boardworld, Brendan! Stoked to have you on here. shaka

We are really looking forward to releasing your new video series on Boardworld. Coming soon, folks!


I am new to this site and the forum thing so I guess thats why I actually use my name, I live at Avoca Beach after growing up at Bondi Beach most of my life, I am nearly 49 and started Snowboarding in 1984. Snowboarding is my greatest passion in life after surfing. I spend my season in Perisher and stay at Guthega doing at least 20-30 days each season.Just started split boarding the back country area a few years ago why wouldn’t you when you look at the below picture every morning.

I started going to Japan in 2000 to Niseko when there was only a few of us “westerners” and could not believe there was nobody riding the trees it was just ridiculous, and have been every year since to various resorts on Hokkaido.
The below is my favourite run in the world and only gets ridden by a few people due to the hike, I get to try out my new powder boards at this resort every year in perfect pow. I have a new YES 2020 from Jeremy for this year to ride with my favourite Gentemstick Big Fish.


oooh gentemstick!!!!! Someone grab me a drool mop!!


Welcome aboard, Nigel.  At last someone older than me smile


Thanks Mudhoney I still feel young just get a sore back surfing, snowboarding is all good still feel like the day I started.


Hey Trendratpants I am drooling over your job, do you know if they are setting one up in NSW as we need one up here. Are there people at the park all the time?


Hey mate, yeah its still up and down in terms of people being in the park, still getting the word out there about it.
As for one in NSW i think nick (the head honcho of PPP) is in talks with some dudes but im not sure how far along the process they are. There is one in canberra already though, but thats technically not NSW is it haha

Nigel Neubauer - 31 May 2015 09:55 AM

Thanks Mudhoney I still feel young just get a sore back surfing, snowboarding is all good still feel like the day I started.

Nice!  I still ride like the day I started, but it’s all good!

As for the back, yeah mine’s been bad last couple of years but I’ve been working on it this year and it’s coming good.


Hey all, I’m Alysha and i’m 24 from Adelaide S.A

I guess i’m still pretty new to BW, I think I have been on here for maybe 2 years.
As you can see by my DP I play Ice Hockey and i’m a huge Vancouver Canucks fan!

Anyway i’m about to start my snow journey working my first season at Perisher as a lifty this year.
Still very new to boarding but after the first time I tried it I knew it was all I wanted to do and I couldn’t wait to strap back in.

After this season the plan is to head to Canada and continue the snow journey for as long as possible.

I can’t wait to meet some BW crew at Perisher this season shaka


Hello all BoardWorld devotees. 

Firstly, a big thanks to Jeremy for being a ruler, and supporting the Aussie / Nz snowboard community with an asset like Boardworld.  Stoked to be here.  Stoked to be involved, and if anyone has a question on any of the brands that I represent (YES, JONES, SLASH, NOW, FLUX, THIRTYTWO) then please don’t hesitate to contact me .....

Have a great winter everybody.  And excited to take some runs with you all at The Shred this year.



^ Mmmmm that picture is pretty delicious Amine. Where was it taken?


Looks like it’s taken from Guthega area looking out toward the main range??


Hey guys, not new to Boardworld however haven’t really been around for awhile due to multiple things like work, not having a computer with a compatible browser for the site and picking up other hobbies which have kept me preoccupied (getting back into my childhood of cars, building a house etc) however am excited to get back on here…

I’ve been on the forums for a few years, originally joined when introduced by David (i think he’s username is drc13 or something like that). Have met a few of you before briefly at the last shred at perisher…on rode with the crew for one of the days with another boardworld member Josh.

I love the forum because it is a great community which is safe and also full of knowledge and support for those starting out or who have been trying to progress their boarding!

Looking forward to being more active than i have been and getting to know some of the new members whilst reconnecting with the old grin

A photo of me from last season in Jindy with a slight goggle tan cool grin


Good to have you back, mate! cheese


Hey guys - yup that was a super fun day out the back of Guthega last September.  The pic was taken out on Mt Tate (only 40mins from Guthega car park) looking toward Mt Townsend and beyond.

There is lots to explore out there…..get yourself a split and come join me!!!!!