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Mobile Phones

blizzard_22 - 23 March 2015 09:26 AM
ozgirl - 20 March 2015 10:12 PM

If I diverted from crackberry I would get thee Sony xperia. I quite often play with the boys and like it.

Blizz it is small which is why the boy got it.

Dammit I should of had a look yesterday! I will have a look in store when I’m near one, thanks!

Pretty sure it’s this one:

4.6” with good specs.


^ Yeah.. I just ordered my sony z3, hopefully it comes in by Wed…
Relatively cheap too for a new phone as it’s on a staff plan.


I agree about Xiaomi phones. I bought my son an iPhone 6 and he broke the screen within a few weeks and I didn’t want to waste money to change it so I was searching for something cheap but yet useful. I mean, how many features an eight year old needs? Probably some apps to watch YouTube, tik tok or to google stuff.  I forbid him from using the phone for more than 2 hours a day or to use social media so Xiaomi phone is good enough. But a few days ago my son found out on that new gta mobile game is coming soon on IOS so he started begging to get back to the iPhone.


I prefer Samsung, and I`m waiting to buy a new one!