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Overseas travel bags

Hey guys,

So I’m heading on a 2 week trip the US in October. After that, I’m heading to Canada to work their winter season! smile I was originally going to take a normal sized suitcase and 1 snowboard bag as my checked luggage. But, due to the strict restrictions for luggage on my tour of the US, I think I need to reconsider.

My main question is: can the Burton wheelie gig bag fit my snowboard, boots, ski wear AND normal wear?

My carry on is just going to be a backpack smile



I recommend the 166 cm. Any bigger and it gets hard to move around and you just take more stuff you don’t need.


So can the 166 fit in normal clothes as well as snowgear?

citylightsTAM - 20 August 2014 12:49 PM

So can the 166 fit in normal clothes as well as snowgear?

Easy, if not you’re packing too much. I’ve done multiple trips with only my dakine low roller and carry on bag. Having said that I am looking forward to doing my next trip without lugging around my board/bindings.


hey mate I have a Burton 166 wheelie bag and that fit 2 snowboards (1 with bindings attached), 1 pair of size 12 boots, 2 jackets, pants, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 goggles, then all of my clothes! Mine was packed real tight and weighed in at 26kgs but with one board and packing smart you can easily get it under 20kgs. US has 23kgs aswell with most flights I think? Then I just had a backpack for carry on


Awesome! Thanks guys!


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