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Thredbo Bag Jump for 2010


Thredbo Monster Bagjump for 2010

New for Thredbo in 2010 a huge air bag like this one pictured at Cardrona, NZ last year.

Riders are you ready to fly high in Thredbo this season? Thredbo in partnership with Monster Skate park will introduce the Thredbo Monster Bagjump for winter 2010, the latest training tool in winter action sports.

This is the first of its size in the country - it’s a 20 metre x 20 metre huge air filled cushion, with a durable bomb proof cover. The Bagjump was initially used by the pro’s in the stunt world, but in Thredbo, the park crew will position it behind a kicker then intermediate and advanced riders can push their limits - practising jumps, spins and flips with confidence and most importantly, safety.

The Thredbo Monster Bagjump comprises of six multiple chamber airbags, so it provides the perfect catch however and where ever you land. It catches any landing style and it has often been described as like landing in a big bag of marshmallows. Safety is paramount and that is the highlight of the Bagjump, it’s a great chance for intermediate and above skiers and boarders to take their riding to a new level in a safe environment. All participants must first earn their wings by participating in the Bagjump Safety Clinic, conducted by Thredbo Snow Sports School. Once completed riders are ready to fly and try their favourite tricks, with Flight Passes purchased on a per day basis.

The Moster Air bag will be situated close to where Thredbo’s original halfpipe was built in the 80’s and in perfect view of those riding the Kosciuszko Chairlift.

Thredbo’s Snow Sport School General Manager Adam Hosie, believes the new Bagjump will take on-snow learning to a whole new level. “This is one exciting addition to Thredbo. Skiers and snowboarders can now experience the twisting and turning thrills of big air without any of the landing pains. The controlled environment of the Bagjump is the perfect progressional step to that next big move in the park”

Snow goers will love the location, it will be tucked into a loop near the Rossignol Race Course, just off the Supertrail. Riders of the Kosciuszko Express, will get a birds eye view and become instant action sports spectators gaining a unique perspective as Thredbo Resort and Monster Skate park help to develop the next generation of Aussie superstars.

The Thredbo Monster Bagjump is a partnership with Monster Skate park at Sydney Olympic Park and Thredbo, giving riders access to jumping all year round. The first flights on the Bagjump take place in Thredbo in July and will run through to September before it moves back to Monster Skate park for the summer.

The Bagjump at Thredbo this year is a huge step forward for action snow sports training in Australia. The ability to practice your tricks with a safe landing is going to improve the progression of the sport and the confidence of riders as they pull off tricks that they have always dreamed of. Most importantly mum’s, dad’s, mates and partners can rest easy knowing that their adrenaline fuelled loved ones, who go large and lofty, will land nice and softly on the new Thredbo Monster Bagjump.

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That looks awesome.

If I was heading to Thredders (or they had the same in Hotham) I would definitely be giving it a go!
It’s encouraging to see the resorts introducing new things.

Well done Thedbo, like Baw Baw before you



ohhh thats soo k0oll [=


Yes, can’t wait to try this. Wanted to try the Baw Baw dry slope air bags, but I wasn’t around.


This just in today…


0oft.. that looks suuuper funn =D haha


Yeah it’s huge! I can’t wait to fly into that thing. Looks so cushy!


wow that’s wicked


hectic, i was planning to head out to perisher.. but looks like ill be spending few days at thredbo as well


so cool


so wish i was hittin that this year


that’s wayyyy bigger then the Baw Baw bag!


i will go to thredbo for sure…. anyone know the extra cost involved for using the bag?


Yup id poo my pants….. smile


so keen