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cords - 24 May 2012 07:45 AM

Nah I have a Nitro Runaway (Gullwing camber)....but my bindings are rear-entry Gnu. So you sorta remembered right! Not bad for an old codger *thumbs up*!!! wink

What was that sonny, you’ll have to speak up!!!!!  raspberry

Coop3 - 24 May 2012 08:34 PM


Thanks for that Billy. Chatter at speed is my biggest pet hate. Many moons ago I had a palmer powercircle which was great to carve..esp on hardpack. My current board (Rome Blue) I adore the way it rides. Charges along quite aggressively for a girls board and great speed/edge control. If I can find the latest one when down there (now has a hybrid rocker so ill be interested to see how it handles vs the traditional camber one) ill demo it too, however Im told they are not making it for 2013 so ill see if there’s a 12 model lurking. :-(
Ill definitely give the gnu a demo and Blizz Ill be sure to report back for you. I’ve riden the B nice a few years back in NZ and its a lovely board to cruise on (Id just prefer something a touch more aggressive). Whilst both have a similar mid range flex, ill be interested to see how much of the C2 makes between the two boards.

Ummmmm wasn’t the Rome board last year a new board??

Surely your husband will divorce you if you buy something else??

Or is it going to be a sneaky purchase that you can leave at your partner in crimes house, Vetski??


Nope. It was a 2008 purchase. Id only riden it briefly though (one day in 08) before last year due to riding 2 planks on the other trips then doing my knee (edit: add having a bubba in there too). Not planning a purchase, just thought Id demo something different on one of the days I was down there for some fun. Mind you if I fell in love with it then I might accidently have to purchase wink just kidding.


This board is at the pinnacle of GNU’s female line..pretty much all the bells and whistles..including an AG2 core (Gnu’s second best Altered Genetics core),sintered base,Bio beans topsheet,and LCP (or Liquid Polymer Crystal) which has an unbelievable strength to weight ratio..and an incredible dampening effect when riding.
Best suited to strong freestyle/ freeride ladies who are on their game. Tonnes of pop provided by the C2 camber.
Stomping big jumps, locking down drops in the backcountry or cranking turns.
Yup thats Temple and Barrett about to kiss on the nose section..
Sick Rig!!


Ohhh looks like if you get this board you MAY be able to keep up with me wink



Is there a really big headed smiley you can insert for comments like that LOL  tongue laugh


I’ve narrowed it down. Im going to demo either the B Pro otherwise I really want to try the never summer lotus as well.