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Joy of Sport


Where did we lose sight of the joy of doing sport for the sake of the effort and the challenge?

i was never the best at sports, but had a crack

I remember school sport - unless you were the fastest runner, swimmer, highest jumper, longest leaper, best thrower, kicker, passer, try score-er, skater or surfer it usually came down to the fact that it wasn’t worth competing because you weren’t going to win or be the best.

A lot of peer pressure and bullying killed any competitive spirit some people had.

that then also leads to the fact that striving to be the best or a winner - you have to put too much effort in for no reward - esp if you are not naturally gifted. this effort becomes laborious and boring

i never thought i would enjoy swimming 40 laps of a pool, mainly because it is too hard, too much effort and for what
i never though i would enjoy running 10, 21 or 35km

One of the human conditions is to achieve or rise to the challenge and succeed
Even with snowboarding i lost my mojo for it and i believe because i was trying too hard to be better or disillusioned that i’ll never hit a 70ft jump back side 1080 triple corked mcmuffin flurry feast

i had a couple of days this season where it all clicked and came back, just enjoying the moment and effort - a few things fell into place and it didn’t matter i wasn’t going large i was enjoying the ride.

i got the same feeling last year when i did a few 10km, 21km fun runs - i actually enjoyed the effort and challenge. i know i will never “win” the event, but it was good to be a finisher.

the same with my swimming and cycling at the moment - just the fun and enjoying the effort

i think too much emphasis is put on being the winner or the best, instead of enjoying the challenge


agreed! I’m a PE teacher and could go on about this for many hours…but I won’t…I agree with you though completely, caboose!


Great comment Caboose. As with your regime item which has encouraged me in my recovery and fitness


Enjoy the ride! Be free! smile


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