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Gentemstick binding mount question plz

I’m inquiring for more information in regards to proper binding mounting/suggestions of Gentemstick Snowboards.

Currently have Burton reflex as my binding option, however I have noticed that there is a spacer that comes with the owners maual etc.

Apparently each model has a specific insert depth etc. Is Burton reflex binding the most popular option? Thank you so much!


I have a few Gentem’s just use the spacers and standard screws and you will be good to go. Are you looking at any boards particular?


The Fly Fisk or The Hornet . ??


If you are around 90-105kgs go with the Fly Fisk it won’t be that great in trees however will do the job, it will float amazingly well and ride open faces better than the Hornet.
If you want a great tree board for Japan and will still ride open faces well however won’t draw out long lines like the Fly Fisk the hornet is the go and if you are between 60-90kgs this is the board.
By the way I am riding a Snoplank Asym Fish in my quiver this year in Japan something else for you to consider as offers both of the above great tree board and offers long drawn out turns, there is one on going cheap, you can have it shipped to Australia via for about $300 that’s if you are in Australia.