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Bigger or smaller bindings

Hi so i currently have a pair of 7.5 us boots and 8 us boots, and i am looking at buying a pair of burton bindings. The binding sizes for burton have small ranging between 6-8 US and medium between 8-10 US. I am just wondering whether i should go for the small or medium bindings. Roommate has told me to go for the medium bindings, but i still would like to hear some more opinions before i buy.


Hey @matt-000,

It really depends on the specific boots you’re using. Boots of the same “size” are going to vary in volume and shape from brand to brand and from model to model.

Ideally, you should stick your boots into the bindings to see if they fit properly. If they fit nicely into the size small, then it’s always better to get a smaller size binding. Make sure your foot is in the boot so you get the accurate volume. You want to make sure your boot fits nicely into the heelcup and also that the straps can do up with relative ease.

You should be OK in the size small binding, but if you can’t try them on beforehand it could be a bit of a risk. If you can’t try them on, size medium would be a safer bet, especially for the size 8 boots (borderline small and medium so it will come down to the specific boot shape/volume).

I hope that helps.