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Need Advice! What’s your favourite shoe?


Hey family,

So my Etnies Maranas finally have holes in the soles (durable af) I’m tempted just buy another pair. But I want to know what’s out there first.

So what do you skate on right now?

And what do you recommend for me?

I’m size 13
I skate mostly transition but I’m trying to improve at basic flatground and street stuff (cause I suck).

Maybe it’s just my ankles don’t work outside of snowboard boots anymore lol, but I’ve been hurting my ankles pretty regularly now. So I’m looking for the most supportive shoes with the best feel. Do they exist or is that not really possible?


@Andy Aitken, I reckon you should stick with the Maranas if they’ve been working for you. They are super, super durable, as you know. Definitely one of the shoes we get the best feedback about. As far as durability goes, they’re pretty much the best shoe I’ve ever owned.

You might want to try some of the Emerica G6 models or Vans Pro models. Always popular choices.

And these just landed. Lakai Riley Hawk x Indy… pretty sick!


I’ve been looking at Lakais actually. They are suppose to be pretty good for the price.

A bunch of guys I skate withe all swear by Vans so I might try some pros. I just remembered I have so old Vans that I used for work, so I might try them out first and see if I like vulcs or not.

Maybe the new Marana vulcs would be good since the sides are so durable.


Etnies Marana