Kids blank Decks

So getting into skating with my kids.
I updated the kids smallest board for my daughter with some vinyls when I bought my son the “next board”
Also got a large blank for myself.
I used some of my photo’s to print onto the Vinyls and put on the decks.
Now I have a few smaller Vinyls leftover, I’d like to get some cheap 7” x29” decks to put them on.
It seems that no-one sells this though. Any suggestions,
Thanks in advance



Just realised I’m in snowboard’s sorry. How do I move the thread?


Welcome to Boardworld, @Somedays!

I moved the thread for you.

Hmmm… I’m not sure if anyone local does 7.0” blanks. You would probably need to order a minimum quantity to get some. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.


Yeah that the answe rI seemed to come up with as well. Not ideal. Hoepfully someone else may know and way.

Maybe I should keep an I out for a sale at K-mart or somehwere for a lower quality deck. Not ideal but better that buying 30 decks from OS.


Most of the smaller kids decks I’ve seen in the past are 7.25 in width. Sometimes you may come across a 7.1 but I found that kind of rare.