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whats up guys,
J here, just letting you guys know ima new member from Melbourne. Few dot points to make reading easier haha.

Started : 2011 thanks to my younger brother ..
Boards : 2009(?) word wide weapon with Flux RK30s < apparently too big for my boot :(  > 
        : 2013 Forum Manual ( POW board )... nothing special
Stance : Regular
Mountain : Mt buller
Favorite Run: Wombat / tirol (buller) 
Overseas trips : 2013 Jap (Niseko)
                  : 2014/2015 Jap (Myoko)
Why am i here ?: To have a better understanding and to meet like minded people smile
Dream: To Land a few jumps
Style of riding: aggressive S turns and braking

Currently trying to learn switch and improving stance.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!


Welcome to Boardworld, @Jase3806! You’ve come to the right place! shaka

If you want any help with your riding, check out this thread I started yesterday.


Welcome @Jase3806 . If you make it up to Falls Creek any time, hit us up for a beer and I’ll take you through the park for a few laps.

TJswish - 08 August 2016 12:51 PM

Welcome @Jase3806 . If you make it up to Falls Creek any time, hit us up for a beer and I’ll take you through the park for a few laps.

Sounds good to me TJ, i’ll hit you up with a message when i decide to go !
thanks for the offer !



Hey guys need some advice..
Just need to know which one is technically right ..

I’ve been boarding with the orange bindings for ages until a snow instructor ( during a lesson) told me i should “re-think my choice of bindings”

I understand its bigger but how does it effect riding performance..
Also i don’t know if there’s a section dedicated to Technical information… if there is, lead the way smile


I don’t know what we’re looking at…

The overhang on the white binding is mental (you’ll drag your toes every time you go toe side). Or maybe the binding is too big hence why you’re cranking the ratchets all the way to the base?

But the Orange bindings barely make the end of the board meaning you have them too far back and your heels will drag on heel side or it’ll just be a lot harder to go toe side.

Take a full board picture with both sets and we can have another look.


Hey @Jase3806,

I think I can see what’s going on there. I’m guessing the instructor said your bindings were too big for your boots, and you’ve upgraded to larger bindings? That’s fine, but as @TJswish pointed out, you’ve probably got some adjustments to do to get equal toe and heel overhang—basically you want your boot to be centred on the board. Post a couple more photos showing what TJ requested and we’ll be able to help you further.

No worries posting in Boardworld Social this time, but for future reference, the best area for product-related questions is “Equipment & Products” which you can find here.