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REVIEW: Spitfire Formula Four Skateboard Wheels


The Spitfire Formula Four has been available for a quick minute now, and we’ve all heard what “game-changing” technology is apparently crammed into these rounded blocks of urethane. They skate faster, they’re easier to control, they’re more durable, and they last longer than Bones STF — their direct competitor. At least that’s what Spitfire claims, and it’s what Spitfire fanboys have been shouting from the hills since these things hit the market sometime in late 2013. But are the Formula Fours really a smash hit? Do they actually blow the tried-and-true Bones STF out of the park? I figured it was time I investigated the wheels myself, and the answers aren’t as clear-cut as I first imagined.

Full review here.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the wheels. I’ll respond to them as quickly as possible.


Hey Walker, that is a great review. I have been looking into trying some of the F4’s for a while, but haven’t been skating much lately to need a new set of wheels.
It’s completely straight forward review with no unnecessary jargon.
In regards to the feel of the Bones STF being plasticy I know what you mean, but have been put off Spitfires due to their urethane issues in the past. Flat spots and coning being the main issue. Now I am definitely looking to get some F4’s next set.