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Im having alot of trouble learning slappies. I can never get my back truck up and i think im doing something wrong because i cant do it even on tiny curbs. I think i might choosing the wrong curbs. Anyone got tips?



I would suggest making sure your shoulders are straight with the ledge when you slap it. Hips & shoulders should be all in the same line, even try to take some weight off your feet with a little hop to start with. Get the feel.

If your in a new area you should have some great curbs to try on, as you want a smooth concrete with a heap of wax. Preferably some thing with a downward slope in the transition.

Dennis goes hard.


Thanks for the tips. I live in a old area so there’s this little ditch between the road and the curb meaning i have to do them on parking blocks. The problem is that i just realised theres no angle in the parking blocks out the front of my house. There’s a carpark up the road so I’ll try up there.


Slappies are a funny one for me.  Some days they just work. Others I’m the same and can’t get the back up at all and end up willy grinding everything

I can only do backside slappies, not frontside ones. I find to help getting the back up I focus on the front truck. Un weight the board as you slap I to the curb, front truck then back. When I am putting my weight back down I really think about the front truck and have my weight more over it. Thst helps drag the back up. It’s all very quick tho.

Speed is your friend too.

Try different approach angles too.

The way I first discovered doing one was I was doing turns and pushing the board right over and seeing if I could lift my heel side wheels. The. Wondered if I did it into s curb if it would get up. So tried this and jumped with it s little to unweight and it really helped