Dragon Goggles


For a few weeks now have been using the Dragon Alliance X1s Verse Transition yellow goggles. (these are the 2016 model)

We caught up with a friend @ Planet Hoth who had just purchased a set of Boost transition goggles from a store up there and was loving them. Fortuitous timing, because we came home looked on the Boardworld store and found them there. We were after new goggles for me, a set for Shaz and a set for a mate in QLD who hadn’t ridden for a few years.
The long and short of it was that we got 3 sets of goggles delivered within a couple of days… could not believe it… and had the goggles in time for our NZ trip.

Like all Dragon goggles, they come in a good quality hard case and instructions on how to change the lens should you ever need to. They have a grey strap, yellow tint to the lens, and on first impression, aren’t the prettiest, girliest goggles on the market. If you know Shaz, she’s about the bling, and loves diamonties, and I could see her face drop somewhat at the rather austere appearance of the goggles.

For me, I’m about function.
So we tried them out. Firstly in bright light, full bluebird day. Fabulous. The transitions change the lens to a dark, almost black colour, giving plenty of protection and definition from the glare.
We tried them in whiteout, and they were as good as you’d get. The lens changes to a very light yellow, and lets in plenty of light.

In changing light situations, they take a bit to change, maybe 30 seconds or so, but wow, it’s hugely better than having to change the lenses… and we all know we don’t really bother to go back to wherever and do that!

So far, I’ve used them for about 10 days, in all weather but heavy snow. Totally rapt with them. I haven’t taken the old dual lens kit goggles out of their case since… and I can’t see any reason why I would.
The Bling Princess Shaz is a convert, ditching the diamond encrusted goggles for these, and says she’s not going back!

Helmet fit…..I had an old giro ski helmet for a long time… loved it… and the goggles fitted perfectly.
It finally died, and I went through the gear and found my RED helmet… great fit. The other two folk find the same good fit with their helmets. They also fit well with the Sandbox helmet that Azz has. Plenty of ventilation in the top of the goggles means they never fog up too.

I’m a bit of a gumby, and smack my head against lift bars, bus windows and stuff. No scratches! So the lenses are pretty tough.

Yep, I’m in love with these goggles. No-one gets to borrow them! Just saying! (I did let Azz have them for 1 run. Just 1).
Thanks Jez and Boardworld for getting these to us so quickly, and for having them at a great price in the store. smile dance


Seriously considering getting a pair of these. It’s going to be a toss up between these and Oakley’s with the PRIZM lense.

Great review Tambo, I would say you’ve helped me with my decision, but I think you’ve made it harder since I was leaning towards Oakley’s! LOL


Haven’t tried the prizm, but these are all over my other set that starts with O wink